No longer considered a drink solely for special occasions, sparkling wine is now widely drunk on its own as a casual sipping wine, as an aperitif, and with meals. And although champagne might be the gold standard, it has plenty of competition.

Eliurpi redefines hat-wearing through its unique approach to design. With references to art nouveau—a movement that dominated Barcelona at the turn of the 20th century—the hats are wearable art, statement pieces that demands your attention.

Oribe’s products have transformed how we think about hair care. And while the brand is familiar to many, especially those who have an affinity for luxury, the brand’s heritage, rooted in inspiration, craftsmanship, and artistry, is less well known.

Sound House by Pacific Northwest architecture studio GO’C is a 5,500-square-foot single-family home on a steep slope site in Seattle’s Magnolia neighbourhood. The project replaced a 1920s house on the site but kept and reworked the paths and terraced gardens. The new house sits on a plateau at the top of the property to optimize views of the city and Puget Sound.

It’s back. The Interior Design Show (IDS) is making its much-anticipated return to Toronto. The design-forward festivities will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from April 7 – 10 and will explore the realm of possibility with this year’s dynamic theme, New Futures.

Built in California’s affluent Los Altos Hills in the 1960s, Round House by Feldman Architecture pays homage to a bygone era while celebrating modernity in its recent renovation.

What a beautiful thing—to become enthralled with a place that helps us recall warm memories, where echoes of laughter ring through our ears and the shadows of those we love linger in our gaze. Such is the case for the clients of this captivating 7,000-square-foot Silver LEED-certified residence on the Maui coast.

The new Light Reflecting Foundation from NARS is formulated to make the skin feel good as well as look its best. Infused with skin-care ingredients, it blurs imperfections and smooths the appearance of uneven skin.

1255 project by Omar Gandhi Architect reimagines the concept of the traditional family home. Situated on property just north of Lake Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, the home uses the surrounding topography to create a stronger connection to nature—something the clients were keen to integrate into their home. The environment in which this home resides feels far removed from suburbia; instead, it is reminiscent of a cottage retreat.

Asklepios Garden’s ethos is grounded in creating plant-based skin care that nourishes, renews, and protects the epidermis, using nutrient-rich, organic ingredients. Its products are designed to be gentle for all skin types without clogging pores.

Set in the Las Vegas foothills, Sunset Summit Residence marries the ambiance of a calm desert oasis with lavish Vegas entertainment capabilities. This opulent residence designed by Cushing Terrell spans five acres and features panoramic views of the landscape.

Bound in stasis, the poem of the body gathers energy. Through entanglement and repose, the clothing appears to wear the body as lovers meet, new possibilities emerge as the garment takes over, and limbs disappear in a collage of equilibrium.

For Our Place’s The Way We Heal series, Zoey Gong shared a TCM Herbal Mushroom Stew with Black Sesame Buns recipe—a dish that is meant to be grounding, healing, and full of nutritional benefits. When making this dish, think of it as a meditative practice—a flow of cooking, good for the soul.

The Hair Alchemy line is restorative as well as preventative—protecting against future damage caused by heat-styling, colour treatments, or bleaching. The products are formulated to strengthen the hair follicle, increasing its resilience for both the appearance and feel of healthy hair.

While I’m sure we can all agree that love does not need to be celebrated with material items, it never hurts to treat yourself or the person you love with something sparkly.

Rive Droite Apartment by architect Sophie Driesis an oasis of ingenuity that evokes traditional Parisian charm while contributing modernity and artistic veracity.

New from the world of Assouline is Louis Vuitton Manufactures, a visually rich book that is an ode to the maison’s ateliers and the artisans who craft the house’s exceptional catalogue. The book highlights the artisanal excellence that distinguishes Louis Vuitton as not only a leader but also an innovator in savoir faire.

Many find meaningful ways to honour their mothers to remind them of her uniqueness, and for architect Felipe Escudero, it was his mother’s love of magnolia trees that prompted the construction of Magnolia House.

Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh collaborated with Nike to create limited-edition versions of the Air Force 1, one of Nike’s most popular sneaker models. On January 26, 200 special-edition pairs will go up for auction, with proceeds benefiting The Virgil Abloh™ “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund, in partnership with the Fashion Scholarship Fund.

An espresso martini with a twist, the espresso Manhattan is made with Angel’s Envy whisky and complemented with chocolate bitters and cherry brandy. The best way to describe the flavour is like a rich chocolate cake: decadent and smooth.

Ema Peter, esteemed architectural photographer, and Goh Ballet, have recently come together to photograph the Oakridge Presentation Centre in a way that brings it to life—capturing the energy and artistry of the space vivified by the medium of dance.

The holiday season is a time to give back to our communities. We have rounded up some thoughtful businesses you can support and cross those final names off your shopping list.

Gift-giving is complicated—especially when it comes to beauty. Here we have curated a list of beauty products that were standouts this year and will impress any recipient—including yourself. 

Founded by sisters Yasaman and Samira Haj-Shafiei with shops in Toronto and Calgary, Organic Bytes offers beautiful cakes with nourishing ingredients

This year, history and art are elements of an exciting partnership with Parisian design atelier À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson. The collaboration celebrates historical craftsmanship in both the design space and the beauty realm, which share an ethos of quality and detail.

This season, Christian Dior has invited 12 artists to reimagine the iconic design of the Lady Dior handbag. The famous bag represents a timeless legacy that has been repeatedly reinterpreted over the years. The artists for this year’s collaboration have been given carte blanche to explore their creativity and idiosyncrasies.

The new cuvée is 90 per cent pinot noir using the finest black grapes and 10 per cent chardonnay. La Grande Dame 2012 follows the ethos of Madame Clicquot, who believed pinot noir has the broadest range of expression and potential to make the best champagne.

The wellness oasis was inspired by the classic Parisienne apartment—a chic, well-crafted, and effortless space that respects the history of the French fashion house. The perennial experts in fashion and luxury are now experts in wellness as well.

Attached to the newly opened 1 Hotel Toronto is a dining oasis that shares the same “environment first” ethos as the hotel.

The latest collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Italian decor atelier Fornasetti brings a new dimension to the world of visual creativity and fashion.

As autumn slowly finds its way back into our lives once again, so do the essences of the season. There is always comfort to be expected when lighting a candle during the fall; the crisp autumn air blows outside, colourful leaves fall to the ground, and you, wrapped in a blanket of warm aromas.

Because the billionaire race to space has cheapened space—ironically, considering how much money has been spent. It has taken something few have experienced and made it gimmicky.

 Off the foggy coast of Nova Scotia lies one of the most enigmatic places on Earth. Often referred to as the Graveyard of the Atlantic with 350 confirmed shipwrecks, Sable Island is steeped in allure and legend. A colony of around 500 resilient wild horses make up the sole full-time inhabitants.

With intricate plating, standout handcrafted cocktails, and a variety of flavour profiles that range in complexity, it brings a unique and innovative dining experience to the city.

We have compiled a list of five of our favourite high-quality Canadian swimwear brands to keep you in the swim all summer long.

After over a year of being cooped up for what feels like a lifetime, Torontonians are finally able hit their favourite patios in the city. We have done the guesswork for you and curated a list of must-visit patios to check out this summer.