Eliurpi’s Sculptural Hat Design and Artistic Extravagance

Dramatic prose.

Based in Barcelona, a city with historic architecture, vibrant arts and culture, and picturesque landscapes, Eliurpi redefines hat-wearing through its unique approach to design. Featuring sculptural shapes and rooted in artisanal craftmanship, the hats’ dramatic designs are an expression of femininity—soft, beautiful, and romantic. With references to art nouveau—a movement that dominated Barcelona at the turn of the 20th century—the hats are wearable art, statement pieces that demands your attention.



Founded by designer Elisabet Urpí and her partner, photographer Nacho Umpíerrez, the brand has become an aesthetic playground. From large, over-the-top hats such as the Le Grand Hat to theatrical handbags like the Maxi Round Bag, Eliurpi moves away from traditional silhouettes to embrace extravagance. Each item is made by hand in Spain using natural and sustainable materials such as Italian and Spanish straw, raffia, palma, and wood. And while unique styles are fundamental to Eliurpi’s identity, wearability and comfort are equally essential.



The Art Wooden Hat features a natural straw crown, grosgrain ribbons, and a wooden brim that has been handpainted by Urpí herself. The embossed brim is a staggeringly beautiful illustration of her artistry. Another favourite is the Cordobes hat, the brand’s interpretation of the traditional Cordovan hat worn in the city of Cordova, Spain. This style isn’t the largest model, however its timeless structure and clean lines make it appealing for everyday wear.

Purposefully designed to celebrate artistic expression and individuality through grandeur, Eliurpi’s creations are an homage to craft.