Radford’s Straightforward, No-BS Approach to Beauty 

Amidst a sea of beauty products being pushed to consumers on the daily, Radford Beauty takes a “trust us, or don’t” attitude. To combat overwhelming beauty industry marketing, Radford set out to simplify choice and create straightforward user-friendly, effective products that still look cool on a vanity. Radford focuses on what really matters: what’s inside the bottle.

As soon as we open our social apps, we are inundated with trends, opinions, and products that promise to fix whatever skin problem we may have. Victoria Radford, a makeup artist, aethetician, and the founder of Toronto’s Radford Studio and Radford Beauty, believes that skin care is not as complicated as the industry makes it out to be. After witnessing how the predatory nature of the beauty industry affected her clients, who had drawers full of products that did nothing for them, she created a more approachable line of skin-care products so consumers can feel confident in their decisions.


The core lineup is a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, glow product, and skin tint, simply labelled and easy to use. Acknowledging that healthy skin comes down to these fundamental principles—cell regeneration, exfoliation, and hydration—Radford created a pH balancing cleanser that deeply cleans and resurfaces the skin without stripping it of its natural oils, a serum that protects and rebuilds the skin, an exfoliant that improves texture, a plumping and hydrating eye serum, a glow serum that boosts the skin radiance, and a ceramide-based tinted moisturizer to even out the complexion.