Rhode Just Welcomed a New Member to the Glazing Family

Bathe your barrier.

Rhode just got milkier. Launched today, Glazing Milk is a nutrient-rich postcleanse, preglaze facial treatment to use before applying other serums and moisturizers. It gives the skin an instant boost of fatty acids, which help prevent moisture loss and support a compromised skin barrier. Packed with skin-loving ingredients such as ceramide, zinc, magnesium, and copper blend, this essence defends against free radicals and environmental stressors. It also works beautifully under makeup. Meet your skin’s new best friend.

Glazing Milk plumps the skin, making it look bouncy and refreshed, giving it Hailey Bieber’s signature glazed doughnut look. Facial essences are all the rage for good reason. They penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface to provide a shot of nutrients that leave the skin with a healthy, luminous glow. The creamy, microemulsion texture of Glazing Milk is tactilely luxurious. Pressing the essence into the skin leaves it with an instant sheen and softness.



Mrs. Bieber has done it again, harnessing all the yummy, glazed goodness and bottling it in attractive grey packaging to keep skin everywhere glowing and moisture barriers healthy.

Photography by Zhong Lin.