NUVO Teams Up With Alex Merrell for Another Season of The Inspirati Podcast

Creative conversations.

“I wouldn’t have levelled up this quickly if I hadn’t been put under that much pressure,” Alex Merrell says in the second season of The Inspirati. The DJ-turned-podcaster knows a thing or two about performing when stakes are high—she’s spent most of her career in high-stress situations. Merrell, a Vancouver native, toured for 13 years as a DJ for clients such as Dior, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton, and shared the stage with headliners including Public Enemy and Robin Thicke. From this association with some of the world’s most colourful talents, she built a network of thought leaders who are moving culture forward in exciting new directions.

The Inspirati podcast stemmed from Merrell’s desire to explore what is happening in culture internationally by focusing on basic human connection: the conversation. Through eminent creators in art, music, fashion, design, and more, her curiosity sparks in-depth dialogues in each episode. Season 1 included 16 episodes, featuring Ted Gushue, Zoë Buckman, Tremaine Emory, and others, with a special episode co-hosted with Shay Mitchell. For Season 2, Merrell collaborates with NUVO, and listeners will hear from guests including British designer Tom Dixon; artist, designer, and activist Sebastian ErraZuriz (featured in this issue, “Expression of Ideas,” page 70); and American expat J.J. Martin, who founded La DoubleJ, a luxury fashion and homeware marque.



The Inspirati podcast is a forum for creatives to share their passions. “It was important to me that this series be welcoming,” Merrell says. “With art and culture, people should be given an easy access point.” Each episode presents a candid, intimate moment. “There are certain things your energetic imprint needs to be on,” Martin tells Merrell as they chat about her new apartment in Milan. “Finding a home is definitely one of them, because I really believe that homes represent a state of consciousness.”

Merrell and Dixon discuss the motivation of surprises and the evolution of his creative process. “I still love materials being the hero of the piece,” he explains. “I really want the object to speak of its function and not to lose that in the process of reducing visual noise.” The podcast is a chance to listen in on conversations with creative minds and learn from those who have dedicated their lives to creative pursuits. “The best feedback I’ve received is that listening to The Inspirati is like eavesdropping on an intimate conversation at a dinner party,” Merrell says. “That’s exactly how I want it to feel.”

Photography by The Collective You (Dennis Gocer).