NUVO is proud to present Season 2 of The Inspirati Podcast.

NUVO has collaborated with The Inspirati on a series of intimate creator profiles hosted by co-founder and creative director Alex Merrell. In Season 2, luminaries share their stories of inspiration, creative processes, and travels that made them who they are today.

The Inspirati podcast was born out of a desire to explore what is happening in culture internationally, with each episode presenting a candid conversation with an eminent creator or curator in art, music, fashion, design, and more. This collaboration was born out a shared ethos—within NUVO’s pages, we highlight the most exceptional people, places, and things Canada, and the world, have to offer. NUVO initiates conversations about creators, aesthetics, and distinctive experiences in print and digital formats, and now, in an audio medium as well.

We cordially invite you on an auditory journey to explore the exceptional.

S02 EP01 – Tom Dixon

S02 EP02 – JJ Martin

S02 EP03 – Sebastian Errazuriz

S02 EP04 – Rosh Mahtani

S02 EP05 – Christian Larson

S02 EP06 – Pietro Franceschini