Immerse Yourself in a World of Fantasy With Issue 18 of Acne Paper

Fantasy funhouse.

Acne Studios invites readers to step into a visually captivating world of fantasy and play with the release of House of Acne Paper. This 18th issue of Acne Paper revolves around an imaginary house filled with an assortment of furniture, artwork, and objects. Across nine rooms and a garden, the fantastical house serves as a maker’s paradise for creative exploration. Each chapter focuses on a different space with a photographic display ranging from contemporary designs to iconic historical artifacts.

Holding true to the spirit of the luxury Scandinavian fashion house, the coffee table book is brought to life by talented visual storytellers, including Jordan Hemingway, Sharna Osborne, and Théo de Gueltzl.

Readers can step into the photographic imaginary funhouse on June 8, 2023.