Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Located on the edge of the Kadavu Group, a remote archipelago south of Fiji’s main island, Kokomo is a tropical hideaway.

The first thing guests hear upon arriving at Kokomo Private Island Fiji is “Bula! You’re on island time now.” Meaning “hello” or “welcome” in Fijian, bula is a term of endearment that expresses the immediate sense of belonging one feels when setting foot on Kokomo. You’re home.

Located on the edge of the Kadavu Group, a remote archipelago south of Fiji’s main island, Kokomo is a tropical hideaway, a place that owner Lang Walker, an Australian property developer, immediately fell in love with. Walker opened Kokomo in 2017, sparing no expense in transforming the 140-acre island with 21 secluded villas, each with a private pool, a tropical garden, ocean views, and direct beach access. Embracing contemporary design with traditional Fijian influences, each of the villas presents a refined interpretation of Pacific design, with stonework and artwork by acclaimed Australian impressionist artist Chris Kenyon.



There are three restaurants on the island—Walker d’Plank, Beach Shack, and Kokocabana Pool Club—each with an array of farm-to-table (and of course, sea-to-table) menu items. In fact, Kokomo grows most of its ingredients on-site. An organic farm and hydroponic garden produce fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, there are free-range chickens for fresh eggs in the morning, and beehives provide the resort’s honey.



Kokomo stands out for its commitment to both preserving and regenerating the island’s natural splendour. The resort has made substantial investments in coral restoration and marine preservation endeavours that aim to safeguard the flourishing health of the reefs encircling Kokomo. In one of the finest diving and snorkelling destinations in the world, guests can experience deep-sea fishing or embark on a serene sunrise kayak around the island. If they’re lucky, they may have the chance to swim with reef manta rays.



A stay at Kokomo feels like the entire island is all to yourself: uninterrupted quiet, surrounded by breathtaking views of crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, and Fiji’s lush topography.