Putting an End to Oily Scalp Woes, for Good

Extend time (and serenity) between washes.

If you are someone who struggles with an oily scalp, you understand the seemingly never-ending frustration of never being able to find a product that helps. There’s only so many dry shampoos a person can try before admitting defeat. Like bringing a knife to a gun fight, it seems pointless. Oribe Hair Care knew there was a gap in the market, and like a knight in shining armour, created the Oil Control Collection to put an end oily scalp woes for good. The new additions to its Serene Scalp family were created to reduce excess oil and sebum so anyone with an oily scalp can extend the time between washes. The line contains three products—Oil Control Shampoo, Oil Control Treatment Mist, and Dry Shampoo Powder—all formulated to leave hair appearing and feeling clean and airy longer.

The products not only absorb and reduce oil on the scalp and hair but also aim to balance the scalp’s sensitive microbiome, the community of beneficial and harmful bacteria that reside on the skin. “Maintaining a balanced scalp microbiome, one with a diverse mix of microorganisms, is vital to optimal hair health,” explains Michele Burgess, executive director of product development for Oribe Hair Care. “The new Serene Scalp Oil Control Collection includes green marine algae and mango leaf extract to help diversify and maintain that balance.”



The purifying shampoo, with a blend of green marine algae and a prebiotic derived from sugar, is designed to cleanse hair gently without causing dryness or damage. The dry shampoo powder, which absorbs oil and provides a silky texture, contains a blend of starch and kaolin clay that eliminates dirt and product buildup. It also smells heavenly and provides extra volume, which can be a challenge for those whose hair looks flat due to excess oil. Mango leaf extract, included to promote a healthy scalp microbiome, can prolong the interval between washes and refresh the scalp. To further extend the time between washes, the scalp-mattifying mist also contains green marine algae and a sugar-derived prebiotic to reduce sebum production and promote a healthy scalp microbiome. It also protects against environmental pollutants on long summer days outside in the sun.

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