Lisa Mok speaks of sitting around a table with friends and family. Perhaps the dinner-goers have drunk and eaten a bit too much, but they are happy, comfortable—and in love with the world through the lens of the room. “It’s a very beautiful moment in time where everybody seems to be truly blessed,” she says. Mok started thinking of ways …

A staid brutalism flirts with airy woods, with the percentage of both varying from room to room, as if a dualism is playing out in the materials.

Her firm’s philosophy counters the monumentalism of Europe with the expansive territory of the Americas so that the architecture is “confused” with the environment.

Partisans has been making waves in the Canadian architecture scene with a unique combinations of futuristic wave forms and wood. In this stunning house, the waves are literal.

More characteristic of an artist studio or an installation, the showroom allows clients to see the pieces in situ, inspiring onlookers to appreciate the creative prowess of the company and the city from which it comes.

Made with prefabricated materials from BC Passive House in Pemberton, Buckhorn represents the lineage of passive housing in British Columbia, which began in in the province during the 2010 Olympics with the Lost Lake PassivHaus.

The story behind this home sounds like that of an intrepid pioneer, which gives the evident contemporaneousness of the building an extra layer of charm.

Viberg works with small, old-world manufacturers, including family-run tanneries across Europe.

Knowledge of a place generally helps shape structure, and the only way to achieve such knowledge is through being with the environment.

Interestingly, Hadid got her start in object design and interiors, so in many ways this chess set represents a coming-full-circle of her work. 

Hawaii is a popular vacation spot among Canadians, but its architectural scene is often overlooked. However, the latest project by Walker Warner Architects, a compound of sorts that incorporates modern and Indigenous design, is hard to miss and even harder to disregard.

The way we organize our intimate, physical space has a lasting relationship with the way we think and experience life.

Ian Williams is concerned with social honesty expressed through immaculate craft. In a time when many novels try to jockey for the hippest or most woke, Williams deals with the messy ambiguities, which is why a family is the perfect vehicle.

Toronto designers Samer Shaath and Kevin Chan are the duo behind upstart firm NIVEK REMAS, and all their projects take on distinct forms to fit the specific situation.

Since other forms of travel have been all but eliminated for the time being, Canadian scenic drives might be the salve that the wanderlust-stricken soul is yearning for.

With so much of leisure shifting away from the city and perfectly paved roads, it makes sense as a way to reinvigorate the more than 100-year-old brand.

Peru’s history is in the architecture and stories of the people, like the changing textures in the strata of the Andes, streaming by like a living film reel in the window of the Hiram Bingham.

As I hunkered down to work from my apartment in East Vancouver, my mind started to turn more often toward the country where I was born. I understand that many Canadians are inundated by the American news cycle, and for the first time in my life I have received a sustained view of my birthplace from the outside

On the outskirts of Victoria’s Fernwood neighbourhood, local, sustainably-sourced ingredients converge in Marta Café + Pantry.

The specificity of rudimentary shapes and colours in compound ways illustrate the intersection between form and function so often talked about, but rarely achieved on such a level.

Without socializing to escape the screen, I find myself checking the infection numbers like someone monitoring a game they have a lot of money riding on. The problems are all compounded.

Some may say classical music is dead, but so is Edward Elgar, and that doesn’t stop the composer’s music triumphantly reverberating from the bow of cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason.