Without the raft of faces every day on my commute, at restaurants, at work, and with the loneliness resulting from limited communal time under social-distancing practices, phone calls with friends and family have been essential.

A look into the different ways Instagram users are finding the silver linings, helping others, and spreading inspiration during the COVID-19 crisis.

With people spending more and more time at home, the popularity of jigsaw puzzles seems to be again on the rise. People who enjoy puzzles appreciate being able to spend time watching a vista or work of art come together in front of their eyes.

Dan Tanenbaum is a Canadian tech entrepreneur—but that’s not all. Tanenbaum crafts intricate “steampunk characters” from the mechanisms of watches—gears, dials, and other parts.

NUVO Thoughts: What happens when the need for answers meets the breathless expanse of digital media?

Baur au Lac, an iconic, 175-year-old hotel in Zurich, extends its clean aesthetic to Baur’s—a brasserie containing a dining room, cocktail bar, and adjacent cigar lounge.

I’ve written about the tendency of labour trends to sugar-coat exhaustive work tendencies and untenable business models in the digital age, but Tessa McLoughlin is learning from what has come before.

Steinbeisser—an Amsterdam-based “experimental gastronomy” brand that prioritizes the use of recycled non-plastic materials such as stone, wood, and metal—has brought together over 40 artists and craftspeople for its jouw… initiative.

A Rome-based firm, created the three-storey restaurant to reflect both the tiled styling of the branches of VyTA in Italy, as well as the kitsch that defined Covent Garden in the ’60s and ’70s.

Those responsible for building a design-oriented identity in Canada have had to contend with the often-overshadowing affects of European traditions, but with the Interior Design Show, Toronto takes the centre stage.

It is clear that fame is changing—influence for the sake of influence is becoming a business model as a result of social media, where fortunes are made by commodifying personalities and popularity is birthed by algorithms.

Looking for that perfect light fixture to complement your interior design? Want to buy from a Canadian lighting designer? Look no further.

Specificity in restoration is Flatsix’s specialty. “Period correctness” is essential to their craft, and they approach the conceptualization, disassembling, and reassembling of the cars as if they were artists or museum-employed restorers, trying to capture the historical flavours and tendencies that went into the original makes.

Long a staple of the European racing world, Ducati’s recent expansion of Canadian dealerships is largely due to the efforts of its CEO for North America, Jason Chinnock, whose love of motorcycles and the motorcycle community is both ebullient and professional.

We sat down with Itamar Erez in a steamy Vancouver coffee shop to talk about his new album, his return to this city, the many collaborations and tours he has on the horizon, and the potential for music to soothe the wounds of geopolitical and sectarian strife in the Middle East.