Lambert & Fils Debuts Atelier

A new collection of sculptural lighting showpieces.

Laurent Atelier 01.


Atelier is a French word that has seeped into innumerable cultures, signifying the staid productivity of the artist at work. It’s no wonder that Lambert & Fils, the Montreal lighting design firm that recently opened a new showroom in TriBeCa (on the ground floor of the 19th-century red-brick neo-Grec Schepp building), named its latest collection just that. Atelier by Lambert & Fils utilizes a delicate suspension with forms that sit variously between industrial and organic.

This new collection takes tried-and-true Lambert & Fils styles and elevates them to sculptural status. These Atelier pieces are meant to stand on their own as artistic objects; pictured is the Laurent Atelier 01 model. The design is striking because the globe seems to be the point from which the metal frame is suspended. Supposed to evoke a children’s mobile, it is inspired by Charles and Ray Eames’ 1950s card game House of Cards.

The lights can be configured in different ways, and the reference to puzzles concretizes the complex playfulness, a synonym for the work of art suffusing this model and the collection as a whole.


Sainte Atelier 08.

Beaubien Atelier 01.


Dorval Atelier 01.


Photos by Darius Laprise.