New Art Fair in Vancouver Features Progressive Works


Andrew Dadson, Black Medic and Foxtail Barley (Medicago lupulina and Hordeum jubatum) Pink , 2019, wild clover, barley, milk paint (water, casein, chalk, limestone, earth pigments, cochineal);

December 2 sees the opening of a cross-city art fair, COMBINE, under the guidance of Griffin Art Projects, a progressive gallery and residency studio in North Vancouver. The fair seeks to connect potential collectors with a host of bright talents, old and new, that represent a burgeoning West Coast art scene.


NOW BULLETIN, Artworks, Letters and Printed Matter from the Garry Neill Kennedy Collection 1968 – 2019, installation view, Griffin Art Projects, North Vancouver, 2020


COMBINE is a collaboration between Griffin and four emerging galleries in the Vancouver area: Franc Gallery, Mónica Reyes Gallery, Unit 17, and Wil Aballe Art Projects. On until December 5, , the fair is a response to restricted gallery practices during the pandemic with the founders attempting to bridge some of the traditional avenues of art acquirement that were all but dissolved in the last few years.


Kriss Munsya, Dreams Tonite from the series: Highway Reflection – The Eraser, 2020. At Mónica Reyes Gallery.


“COMBINE is the first fair on the North Shore, the culmination of planning between five galleries for the past 18 months, and finally coming to fruition this December. We hope that it may attract both emerging and established collectors looking for exciting work to learn about and to acquire. It is also a fair for the art-curious, with its intimate boutique style, where you will be able to interact with the four galleries on site,” says Lisa Baldissera, the director of Griffin Art Projects.

To ensure a highly curated experience, the fair is running on an invitation-only model, so viewers can be assured of the quality and thematic coherence of the works.


Tania Willard, Domestic Markets, 2020, acrylic mounted photo paper, silk ribbon, metal chain, birchbark, dyed deer tail, laser etching, 56 x 81cm. At Unit 17.


Recognizable names and newcomers will be on show throughout the fair. The aim of the show is to curate the arts based on the status of the artist to different levels of buyers, from first-time collectors to veterans. It is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get into collecting as well as for people who want to expand their already extensive collections.

Notable artists on display include Matthis Grunsky, Jayce Salloum, Lyse Lemieux, and many more spread across the four galleries. At Griffin, a thematic exhibition will accompany the programming, with a panel discussion to be held there Sunday, December 5, to cap the event.