Coastal Retreat by Walker Warner Architects


It’s not widely known that many of the first American settlers in California were people of Puritan descent from the reaches of New England. In the spirit of that history, Walker Warner Architects has created a retreat on the California coast influenced by design elements typical of a home in Cape Cod.


The windows and white columns, coupled with the boardwalk, show the multiple influences that coalesce into this coastal home.

The mood light on the wall changes tones.


On a scenic plateau, a bluff covered with wild flowers and grasses that blow in the wind, this sprawling residence is like a geode with an exterior steeped in classic Americana that hides a clean interior flush with luxury.

An asymmetrical pitched roof, shingle siding, and shed dormers all reference classic Cape Cod vernacular, while plenty of glass and sleek modern interiors place this home in a lineage of modern design. Walker Warner Architects have shown repeatedly that they are able to apply their style to different environments, taking cues from the cultural and geographical terrain to create seamless habitations that cater to the refined, the relaxed, and the need for regular use.


Ocean-inspired art adorns the wall.

An Eames chair and an open horizon.


With landscape architecture by Lutsko Associates, the house appears to rise from the coastal plain. A median zone of green shrubs and raised beds creates a verdant perimeter that helps delineate the property without clashing.

Functional interior design by Kristi Will Design includes standout pieces like the jewel-tone chairs in contemplative reading areas, a futuristic crystalline dining table, and a table with a topographic-like relief. Colourful stone backsplashes in the kitchen and bathrooms provide a light-heartedness and commitment to colour that is continued in the wall hangings in the slick garage housing the client’s luxury vehicles.


An understated aspect of the house are the twin mirrors that hang in front of a bathroom opened by windows to the horizon.


Another standout is a beautiful spiral suspended staircase with clear steps that are illuminated, giving the impression of ascending a spire under the sea or in space. Fantastic elements are everywhere, complementing the sublime vistas of the coastal sky while maintaining simple colour palettes throughout as in the primary staircase and bedrooms.


A colourful marble backsplash like the surface of a distant planet.

An enchanting staircase continues the oceanic and astral themes of the home.


Photography by Matthew Millman

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