Arper’s 3D Chair Utilizes Waste From Postconsumer Plastic

A recycled and minimalist take on a classic style.


Lounge chairs can be overlooked; it is often seating from which to enjoy your surroundings. That needn’t be the whole story. The laid-back nature of these chairs stands out itself, using the simplicity and comfort-focused design of this perennial style. Made for either outdoor or indoor use, Kata by Altherr Désile Park from Barcelona is an elegant piece of furniture, adaptable and statement-making in oak or black locust. But what really makes these chairs special is the recycling technique used for the upholstery fabric, which can be produced in a wide variety of colours. The technique, a 3D knit, mimics the construction of the well-known cane chair but uses yarn made of recycled waste from postconsumer plastic.



The chair with its long seat makes for a styled and sustainable addition to many different interiors. The oak lends itself to fabric-centric natural palettes, while the black locust could work with tile and even metal. Tightly woven, the fabric represents the future of a very old material and shows how new sustainability and traditional forms can be used in the same design setting. Versatility and lightness of impact come together for this sleek silhouette. On top of the unity of great design and beautiful surroundings, decorators can add fine production to the equation.

Photography by Salva Lopez.