There’s a long tradition of using oils for beauty purposes—they’ve been used for millennia in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia—but it’s only in the last decade or so that we in the West have adopted them.

In 2014, Apple released its first Health app to much fanfare. It was designed to help people monitor things like weight, height, and sodium intake. And yet one basic metric that billions of people monitor regularly wasn’t included: periods.

Today, we’re going to talk about Regimen Lab, which was founded in Toronto by Webster Magcalas, a lab scientist who previously specialized in infectious disease research, and Alex Apostolopoulos, a digital marketer and management consultant. Its raison d’être? Just effective skin care.

Jenn Harper started Cheekbone Beauty in 2016 because she had a dream. “Sometimes I say that people interpret it as a vision because I’m Indigenous, but it was an actual dream—a crazy dream about all these Native girls covered in lip gloss, laughing. It was joyful,” Harper says.

One of the key components of luxury beauty products is fragrance, designed to create or change a mood, or evoke a memory. But fragrant ingredients in products for skin, body and hair can also have an unintended consequence: allergic reactions and skin irritation. If you’re keen on eliminating some of the scents from your routine, here are 10 products to try.

If you’ve been muddling through the past year with occasional professional hair colouring and then progressively higher ponytails and headscarves to hide your roots, you might want to try a colour-depositing hair product.

Outdoor exercise has one big challenge the gym doesn’t deliver: the weather, from torrential rain to blistering sunshine. And right now, we’re talking sun.

Home lasers, LED masks, and zit-zappers have been around for a few years, but they really came into their own at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were unable to visit dermatologists and aestheticians for our usual treatments.

Mascara was originally designed to be protective, though the ancient Egyptians believed it could ward off evil spirits rather than pollen.

Used correctly, acids can help with acne, signs of aging, and sun damage, and leave you with glowing and radiant skin. Here are seven products to try.

Like lots of things in the beauty world, cleansing has become increasingly complicated—how often we do it, what we use, and even how we wash our faces.

Consultants such as Deanne Terrell—an artist and makeup artist—will guide you toward a shade that will suit you best.

It’s been used to make everything from parachutes and stockings to sutures and bicycle tires. It’s even popping up in personal-care products that claim to offer benefits for your skin and hair.

It’s tricky to find a sunscreen that feels pleasant, won’t irritate skin, and smells good. Add in the question of environmental damage and appearance, and it’s no wonder people are flummoxed.

“Runway looks don’t just emerge from nowhere,” she says. “Hairstylists are inspired by everyday looks.”

In Canada, our beauty brands are inclusive and socially conscious, the embodiment of the cliché about Canadian “niceness”. Everyone wants what we’ve got. Read on to find out what to buy from the next generation of quintessentially Canadian beauty brands.

If you have any interest in beauty, you’ve probably encountered facial rollers and gua sha, most likely on Instagram, where they’ve been hailed by every influencer worth her follower count as totally transformative. We ask the experts if this is true.

Ten or so years ago, along came a new phenomenon: the high-end barbershop, which offered the standards and quality of a hairdresser, with the affordability and efficiency of a barber.

It’s clear that advances in Swiss cellular therapy go beyond just beauty, epitomizing the country’s dedication to science and the future of technology.

These days, more people are heading to medispas—rather than doctors’ offices—to get their jabs and zaps.  Why? Because the best ones offer all the expertise of the clinic with all the luxuries of the day spa.

It’s natural to switch up your wardrobe in the fall, opting for warmer clothes and more muted colours. As the temperature drops and the light changes, people should change their fragrances too.

Tinted lip balms are more hydrating than lipstick, though they won’t repair cracks or flakiness (typically winter problems anyway). And because they’re sheer, they can be a great way to dip a toe into brighter colours. Here are eight tinted lip balms to try.

The beauty industry as a whole contributes a huge amount to environmental pollution, mostly through its enthusiastic use of plastics. But these days, it’s easy to choose salon hair-care labels that are making efforts to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

In recent years, some companies have clued in to the fact that men want products that are effective and well-designed. Here, eight luxe skin-care products for men. Ladies, you may finally be able to steal his products for a change.

Ingestible skin care (pills, powders, and drinks that are good for your skin) have been huge in Asia for decades, but they’ve only recently made their way to North America. But what’s the science behind ingestibles?

Summer skin care needs to be quick and easy, light and refreshing, and smell really good. Enter the facial mist. Here, a dozen recommendations to try.

This year, the brand has brought everything it knows about the beauty experience to makeup, revamping its colours collection into four textures.

In the last few years, probiotic skin care has boomed, thanks to an increasingly holistic approach to wellness that’s all about promoting the health of the skin.

These days, everyone wants bespoke—from tailored suits to off-the-beaten-track vacations, and now, skin care.

These light, iridescent creams or lotions offer a natural-looking radiance without excess shine or glitter.

Aside from taking care of ourselves and bathing in SPF 50, what can we do to keep ourselves youthful all over, or reverse the damage we’ve already done?

Potent skin-care ingredients are what differentiate ultra high-end foundations from the rest.