6 Hairstyles To Try in 2020

A cut above.



Runway beauty can sometimes feel a world away from what we actually wear in real life (who’s going to dowse their bodies in glitter or replace their lashes with feathers?). But there are hair trends from the catwalks that are surprisingly wearable. Vancouver hairstylist Ana Luisa Valdes says the current trend is easy air-dried locks, without too much volume, perfect for our low-maintenance lifestyles in 2020. “People are moving toward more practical and easy things so they don’t have to worry about going back to the salon,” agrees Toronto hairstylist Janet Jackson. “They’re putting thought into what will grow out nicely, learning about their hair type, and thinking about how they can make a look their own.”

Jackson believes that next season will see more of the same. “Runway looks don’t just emerge from nowhere,” she says. “Hairstylists are inspired by everyday looks.” Quarantine vibes will continue to inspire the runway, which means whatever haircut you get today will look on-point for months to come, perfectly in tune with the spirit of embracing life as it is, whatever comes along.

Here, six 2020 hair trends to try.


Jonathan Cohen.

Shag order

This multi-layered look can be any length, with any style of bangs from long and side-swept to full. Unlike the Meg Ryan 1990s do, which was sported mostly by women with a slight wave, this version works with any hair type. “You’ll see coils, kinks, and curls incorporated into bobs and shags,” says Jackson.



Wet it up

Valdes says the best way to achieve this just-out-of-the-shower look is with cream gel and sea salt spray. “After applying product on semi-wet hair, comb it through with a superwide comb without disturbing your natural wave, then let it air dry or use a sock diffuser on your blowdryer,” she says.


Michael Kors.

Playing with partings

Moving your parting is an easy way to change your look. Jackson says that low side partings make your look more glam, but we won’t see the very “done” version that was present on runways. Instead, use texture sprays, pomades, and pastes. If you usually part your hair at the side, move to the centre. “You can create texture overnight with two very loose braids to give uneven flow,” Valdes says.



Fringe benefits

Add a fringe to hair that has a natural wave. “Don’t go for anything too sharp—just a very soft look, which is great for long face shapes,” says Valdes. “The fringe has a very natural feel with a bit of texture happening.”


2020 hair trends


Ice, ice baby

Quarantine hasn’t stopped people from dyeing their hair. “In fact, if anything, we appreciate our colour technicians more,” says Valdes. One of her hot tips is to use dyes with ultracool tones to create a smoky ice look. But if that seems like too much work, you can always embrace your bold roots or make like these celebrities at the 2019 Met Gala and wear a wig.


2020 hair trends

Andrew Gn.

Bling it on

Runways saw pearl embellishments and soft black hair ribbons, but Jackson thinks the mood has shifted to hardware that will stay in the hair long-term, such as hair cuffs. Cuffs can be incorporated into protective hairstyles for women of colour such as textured braids and passion twists, both of which Jackson says will be key for 2020.

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