Cannabis topicals are an umbrella category that encompasses balm, cream, gel, or oil that contains any level of CBD and/or THC. By and large they are used for pain relief, but the cannabinoids also offer calming, anti-inflammatory, and protective benefits, which makes them prime candidates for after-sun care when applied directly to the skin.

Summer is a natural companion to the chill and tartness of these wines, so I make a point of seeking out a stockpile of my favourites at the beginning of May to get me through the season.

Content trends come and go, but the ones that endure for years speak to a shared cultural interest. In the case of The Sorry Girls ten year history on Youtube the interest is design and environmentalism, with their channel sitting at the intersection of the two.

Here, we have explored all of the categories for home delivery services across Canada and selected the ones we think are doing the most sustainable and environmentally friendly work.

Maison d’Etto focuses on craftsmanship and melds well-known practices and styles that heritage brands have used for years with contemporary ideas and ingredients.

Blame it on avocado toast, the job market, or crippling capitalism, but less than 50 per cent of millennials are homeowners. Renting not only creates a defeatist or apathetic attitude toward decorating, but the rules and conduct can also spark paralyzing fear, stopping people from changing anything at all. 

Referred to as a “younger” sister by perfumer-creator François Demachy, the new fragrance embodies the changing definitions of femininity.

Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood has long emulated the same hipster energies of the major beauty cities, so it’s only natural that the Shrink Wrap Urban Sweat Lounge, an infrared sauna pod and body-roller studio, opened its doors there last August.

Whether it’s vegan leather, giving back to the community, sustainability, or environmentalism, these indie brands make you feel good about adding to your wardrobe this autumn.

The humble bee is at the centre of a growing farm-to-face movement in the beauty industry that is harnessing the repair signal to heal wrinkle breakage and slow the breakup of cells that occurs as we age.

The projects championed by founders of Philadelphia-based Beehive Books, Josh O’Neill and Maëlle Doliveux, set out to challenge how design and publishing work together.

The fall catalogue of fragrance launches provides a delightful, refreshing change of pace to the season.

Opening a bookstore and filling it with your favourite painstakingly chosen books is a dream for most, but Zoe Grams, founder and principal of literary marketing agency ZG Stories, made it her reality this month.

RuPaul’s Drag Race may have changed the conversation around fashion and beauty by bringing the different forms of self-expression into the mainstream, but queerness has been  part of the industry for much longer than the show has been on the air.

The release of a book that captures the spirit of travel, the cosiness of book shops, and the whimsy of summer is either very serendipitous or total genius.

“To devote oneself to the study of beauty is to offer footnotes to the universe of all the places and all the moments that one observes beauty.”

Across 7,000 years of history, nearly every culture in the world has some mention or interpretation of cosmetics recognizable as the makeup we know today.

Perfume has come a long way since its origins in Mesopotamia but not entirely for the better. As modernization took its toll on the centuries-old practice, luxury and care gave way to cheaper chemical alternatives.

Our skin goes through phases, and no one knows this better than Stephanie Sharabura and Kristin Kurian. The Toronto-based duo have developed a skin-care line called P{H}ASE that works in tandem with the body’s natural hormone production to meet skin’s needs during those cycles.

For someone in possession of an aura camera, energy is captured as bursts of colour and light crowning the subjects head like a halo of emotions. We talk to Canada’s first aura photographer, Evelyn Salvarinas about how this works and why it’s relevant.

These days, Astrology and beauty are indelibly intertwined. Not only are zodiac-themed beauty products everywhere but astrology also supposedly dictates the kind of scents, colours, and shimmers we are drawn to.

They’re still being made, although some brands have discontinued their contributions to the trend and the new launches aren’t being met with the same hype they once were. So what happened?

“Canada” and “castle” are not two words one would immediately place side by side. But indeed there are even more Canadian castles than the famous ones we have all heard of, like Casa Loma and Château Frontenac.

In the ’60s, a geothermal plant harnessed energy from the earth, and was intended to return the blue water found when drilling back into the earth through the porous lava rock, but the silica hardened and closed up the holes, forming an electric-blue hot spring with the power to heal psoriasis.

Ellie Mae is an independent retailer with several collections inspired by different eras—the spring-summer collection Retired in Palm Springs is an ode to the 1950s—and a vintage closet made up of classic rock, Harley Davidson, and university alumni T-shirts.

Marissa Freed is the fourth-generation president of Freed & Freed, a Winnipeg-based garment company that started as a men’s pants manufacturer and has since evolved several times. Her latest contribution to the heritage firm is a sub-brand called FREED, specializing in faux fur outerwear.

I would encourage everyone sheltering in place to revisit a novel from their childhood or reread an old feel-good book. If you are short on ideas, here are a few recommendations for books that make you feel good.

As any scotch connoisseur will tell you, there is a science to the perfect sip.