La Prairie’s Latest Contribution to the Art World Features Max Richter and Nobuhiro Nakanishi

A Platinum Moment.

Beauty is a powerful concept. As a word, it has the capacity to encompass all forms of art and creativity. As an industry, it is uniquely positioned to interact with other facets of life. Swiss skin-care line La Prairie has a tradition of separating itself from the fleetingly trendy and all preconceived notions of what a beauty company should be. Its ethos centres on a concept of beauty that is both holistic and culturally rich. La Prairie’s latest contribution to the world is a fusion of art and music that captures the sublimity of the country’s majestic Alps.

To celebrate the Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol—the brand’s latest skin-care collection—La Prairie commissioned British composer Max Richter and Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi to create two works that contemplate the passage of time. The first is a multimedia sculptural representation of the feeling of suspended time amidst the mountains. The immersive art piece Echo of Time utilized a drawing technique that took sequential photographs of the Alps at twilight and looped them like reels of film hanging from the ceiling in an endless circle.


La Prairie Max Richter


For the second piece, Nakanishi adopted a centuries-old European style that combines countless free-hand vertical lines with negative space to create an image that, coupled with Richter’s music, resulted in an ode to eternity, the same concept that inspired the Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol. Eternal Circle is a digitization of Nakanishi’s 60 line drawings that becomes a video scored with Richter’s song “Platinum.”

Distilling time, eternity, and the concept of a suspended moment (what the brand has dubbed a Platinum moment) into any medium is near impossible, and for this artistic encounter, all parties, as seasoned professionals, make the metaphysical and philosophical questions of our time into material realities.


La Prairie Max Richter

British composer Max Richter.


Japanese artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi.