These Whimsical Sinks Are Made to Look Like Sea Shells

Mother of Pearl.

If you hold a seashell up to your ear, you can hear the ocean. We’ve all heard that rumour and tried it at least once in our lives. Regardless of the questionability of that old wives’ tale, seashells still hold a certain fascination. To comb through empty shells on the beach is a childhood rite of passage, and finding an oyster or mussel shell with a smooth iridescent inlay yields a precious treasure. As we age, we continue to hold onto that love for shells in small ways like with jewellery and pearls. Mother of pearl, or nacre as it’s scientifically known, is like quicksilver pressed onto shells and makes for beautiful objects.

Kitchen and bath design experts like Native Trails are applying this same level of heirloom whimsy that can be found with jewellery to home furnishings and decor. Its newest collections are like keepsakes made functional, and celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature indoors. Because the material itself is so durable, mother of pearl is a great option when looking for dazzling but long lasting statement accents for the home.

Native Trails’ new Abalone series turns Murano glass sinks into beautifully considered shell vessels finished to resemble mother of pearl. They come in varying shapes from a more conservative shallow cylinder named Positano to the wave-inspired undulating rims of Amalfi, Lido, and Sorrento. The Italian seaside town names are apt as the sinks immediately suggest the ocean.


A similar sink style can also be found in the Beachcomber series, this one is called Verona.

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