Amandine Sol Botanicals’ Anticipated Dew Dream Spray Serum

Clean and simple skin care.

When Amandine Sol Botanicals’ founder Amandine Azran launched her first skin-care product Inner Glow Face Oil in 2019, it was the culmination of several months of crowdsourced development. Azran consulted with friends, family, and customers of her brother’s hair salon in Toronto to ensure that everything from the formulation to the packaging would resonate with future customers. Over a year later, after the success of the hero product, the clean beauty entrepreneur is releasing her second item: Dew Dream Spray Serum.

Fans of Inner Glow Face Oil had pressed Azran for a second product pretty immediately, but she wanted to follow the same meticulously thought-out process to create Dew Dream. She knew she wanted an essence, toner, and serum that could act as a partner for the oil. The resulting product achieves all three functions in a nutrient-rich ultrafine mist-serum hybrid.


Amandine Face Oil White Bottle


Dew Dream is made up of witch hazel acting as an anti-inflammatory and blooms like calendula, chamomile, rose, and elderflower providing antioxidants. The transparent list of ingredients (many sourced from Azran’s family farm in Ontario) is plant-packed and includes low- and high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acids to penetrate skin and repair dehydration over time while also sitting on the surface of the skin to instantly hydrate and plump.

Amandine Sol products are suited for varying skin types; Inner Glow Face Oil layered overtop of Dew Dream Spray Serum is a great option for those who prefer minimal steps but effective products. “You get all the active nutrients your skin needs in just two steps,” Azran says. This is beauty made simple.


Amadine Face Oil