Maison d’Etto Artisan Perfumery

A new scent in the air.

Stepping into an empty elevator with the lingering scent of perfume is a lot like sensing the phantom of a person. The fragrance invites questions and assumptions about who that person was. It’s an invisible unintentional connection, and one that has a name: sillage.

Brianna Lipovsky, founder of New York–based artisanal fragrance brand Maison d’Etto, creates with connection in mind. The brand’s inaugural collection, Connection to Self, launched in 2019, consists of five gender-neutral fragrances, made in tandem with master noses—Carlos Benaïm, Celine Barel, and Mackenzie Reilly—from International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF). Noisette is the latest perfume in the Maison d’Etto fragrance wardrobe, with top notes of soothing musk and magnolia, and base notes of amber and lavandin. The fragrance, created by IFF perfumer Pascal Gaurin, uses the first lavandin absolute ever created with an organic certification by Ecocert.

Maison d’Etto focuses on craftsmanship and melds well-known practices and styles that heritage brands have used for years with contemporary ideas and ingredients (think: carrots) to form a fragrance house that is sure to continue surprising us in the future.





Maison D’etto photos by Lauren Coleman.