Toronto Stylist Julianne Costigan Launches an Online Style Guide to Elevate Everyday Fashion

Stepping it up.

The adage “Dress for the job you want not the job you have” is close to archaic in the work from home era. But many psychologists and experts have recommended dressing for work even when we’re at home—perhaps not as formally as usual but something comfortable that you feel productive in, nonetheless. This is easier said than done when so many other facets of life interfere and the idea of getting dressed is more of a necessary chore than something to think deeply about. Even people who are passionate about fashion and clothing are struggling to find the motivation right about now.

Stylist Julianne Costigan believes that every woman has a power outfit, the ensemble she reaches for instinctively and feels amazing in every time she wears it. That’s where she starts whenever styling a new client, with the question: what do you wear when you want to feel confident and in control? The styling Torontonian has worked with celebrities, editorial campaigns, and private clients for over six years and knows how to create not only an individual look but an entire capsule wardrobe based on variations of that power outfit. For her, it’s a pair of cuffed jeans, a nice top, and a blazer with a pair of heels. It’s also not unheard of to see her rocking a felt hat this time of year. For others it may be variations on dresses, skirts, or jumpsuits (and those who aren’t sure can take this test on her website to find out).



At a time like this, stylist advice can be invaluable and help provide the motivation to fall in love with your wardrobe again. And for those who would balk at the idea of hiring a someone to help them manage and curate their everyday wardrobe, Costigan has developed a Digital Style Guide that makes stylist expertise accessible, has a shopping guide built right in, and the tips and tricks for people to start styling themselves like a professional, even during this strange time where malaise is easy and inspiration is hard to find.

Launched this October, the Digital Style Guide is a membership program where at the start of each month, an email arrives complete with mood board, shopping guide, and a capsule wardrobe breakdown for each day of the month. Many of the pieces listed may already be in your wardrobe in some form or another so the guide can act as a tool for making the most of what you have and picking up some other statement garments and accessories to make the most out of those existing wardrobe staples.



The guide also has beauty tips and product suggestions to complement the looks and the time of year, nail polish recommendations, jewellery picks, and a discount code. A little bit like joining a private fashion club, there is also a Zoom link where Costigan hosts a monthly meeting to answer questions and hear feedback from the Digital Style Guide subscribers.

The November Style Guide has just launched, and Costigan has created a video for NUVO where she shows you how to style the crop sweater she’s included in the guide, three ways.


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