Wedge, roll, cut, shape, repeat. That’s the mantra of Seattle-based artist-designer Aleksandra Pollner when she’s forming porcelain fortune cookies before they are kiln-fired.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Every one of Bittar’s Lucite designs are meticulously hand sculpted and hand painted (finger painted, so as not to leave unwanted brushstrokes) to uphold his standard of perfection.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Just outside of Alicante, in eastern Spain, lies the Mediterranean seascape of Playa del Albir, an aquamarine bay cradled in a low mountain range. But look upward, and the epitome of health and relaxation awaits 350 metres above sea level within the white walls of SHA Wellness Clinic.

Forget everything you’ve heard about Lanai. If you’ve heard anything at all, that is.

Two historic halves make for one beautiful whole in the case of Portland’s Sentinel, a 100-room hotel that keeps watch over downtown from its perch on SW 11th Avenue.

As winter’s early dusk inevitably hits, stroll the inner harbour alongside the Parliament Buildings, strung tall with twinkling white lights. Loop back to the Bay Centre for some shopping, perhaps, but cap off the night with a ride on the brightly-lit Holiday Ferris Wheel, swirling in Centennial Square.

Cuisine speaks the language of love at Café Boulud in Toronto, the newly transformed brasserie in Yorkville’s Four Seasons Hotel.