Cuisine speaks the language of love at Café Boulud in Toronto, the newly transformed brasserie in Yorkville’s Four Seasons Hotel.

Pendleton Woolen Mills has navigated the fickle world of textile manufacturing for over 150 years, thriving on a blend of innovation and tradition.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Pat Sweeney is drawn to places where many fear to tread. Hanging over the edge of the Cliffs of Moher with his arms balanced and neck craned at 90 degrees, the farmer-turned-trailblazer from County Clare on Ireland’s far west coast calls to a crowd to overcome their vertigo.

Almost everybody becomes a child again when seated before a professional circus stage. With senses on full alert and eyes wide open, audiences can be overcome by an uncommon, shared sense of wonder.

A childhood fascination with silver spoons led Martyn Lawrence Bullard down his path to becoming a designer. The Los Angeles–based creative has since moved on to devise pieces with slightly more glamour, such as his recent collection of crowns for the French silver house Christofle, dubbed Silver Kingdom.

Unlike many logos, the COS emblem speaks directly to the label’s sartorial aesthetic: all clean and white, with slender grey shaded lines to create the shapes of letters, it evokes subtle structure and silhouette.

The pre-screening cocktail party for Freeheld at Toronto’s Montecito restaurant served as a prelude to its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.