If you’ve ever owned a moisturizer emblazoned with an Aesop logo, chances are you spent a good deal of time marvelling at the store you found it in before picking up any products.

I didn’t come to Peru to find a sense of spirituality. But it finds me, on the floor of the Sacred Valley. The irony pervades, but not nearly as much as the thick smoke from a burning sage smudge that fills the air around me. Sitting cross-legged in a circle, I’m taking part in a traditional Peruvian ceremony, presided over by a shaman.

Most of Australia doesn’t get much in the way of snow or slush, but Blundstone leather boots can thankfully withstand both.

A spiral staircase and opulent chandelier greet those who enter the Prohibition bar, unmarked from the street and covertly situated on a subterranean level of Vancouver’s Rosewood Hotel Georgia.

When food trucks turned the culinary tide in the 2000s, Portland’s weren’t the only moveable feasts on the West Coast garnering serious buzz—Tofino’s Tacofino did, too.

When dawn breaks upon Lake Como, the window seats are the first to go. Throngs of early risers filter through waterfront hotels for breakfast with a view, watching the melancholic fog burn off during the autumn or catching the first kaleidoscopic streaks of light across the water in the summer.

“Welcome to Churchill, land of the unexpected.” This is my guide’s greeting soon after I touch down at Churchill’s airport. I am set to venture into the wilds of northern Manitoba, where expectations of the unexpected translate into a feeling of sheer suspense.

No more than a discreet brass plaque and a buzzer at the wrought-iron gate indicates the entrance to Ballyfin, an Irish country house hotel, secreted away from the world by tall stone walls.

It was Kenyan paleoanthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey who pioneered the archeological exploration of their country’s lush Great Rift Valley. Their 2.5-million-year-old skeletal discoveries in Kenya and Tanzania were evidence that this expanse could well have been the cradle of mankind, and the very origin of us all.