Innovative New York Luggage Brand Creating a Global Community

Take me away.

In 2016, when New York–based Jen Rubio and Steph Korey launched Away, their first step into the global luggage market was with that one critical piece every seasoned traveller needs—a carry-on suitcase. Designed with clean lines and subtle branding, their Carry-On was even outfitted with an ejectable battery for charging your phone. The savvy duo followed this with an entourage of devoted Plus Ones, as they call them, including packing cubes, garment bags, and the Daypack with a built-in back sleeve that slips securely over suitcase handles—and the party is just getting started. Away has sold over half a million suitcases, publishes a quarterly called Here Magazine, and is in the early stages of expanding into three new categories within travel: lifestyle accessories, wellness, and apparel. “While we’ve always created great products, it’s what Away stands for that has allowed us to build a global community,” explains Rubio.


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