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Canadian Pacific: Creating a Brand, Building a Nation

From coast to coast.

After Canada’s transcontinental railway was completed in 1885, it stretched from east coast to west, making Canadian Pacific the world’s largest transportation conglomerate. Over the years, a treasure trove of historical photographs, ads, and art posters was left in its wake. In the mid-1980s, writer Marc H. Choko, then a design professor in Montreal, uncovered a handful of these in the basement of the CP archives. Thus began the steps toward his monumental book Canadian Pacific: Creating a Brand, Building a Nation. Weighing in at 6.5 kilograms and published by Callisto, the tome reproduces hundreds of striking visuals from the company’s past. To coincide with Canada’s 150th anniversary this year, a limited run of 999 copies has been published and packaged in handmade wooden cases.

Photos courtesy of Callisto Publishers.


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