Celebrate your loved one with a Valentine’s Day Cocktail from Dahlia in Vancouver that bring sweetness and warmth.

As 2023 comes to close, ring in the new year with a wintery rendition of the classic margarita, a cocktail that will warm you up as the year draws down.

Happy New Year from the NUVO team. Cheers to 2024! We look forward to celebrating the exceptional with you.  

For those missing beach weather, Chef Alan Older of Vancouver’s Smitty Oyster House on Main Street has provided a traditional Mexican appetizer, pescadillas, inspired by his time living in Playa del Carmen.

Chef Argelia Diaz Cabral from Vancouver’s El Camino’s restaurant has provided us with a recipe for a classic Brazilian dish. Although there are some specialty ingredients in here that you may have to seek out, the end result is definitely worth it.   Xinxim de Bacalhau Makes 4 portions Ingredients For the curry sauce: 1/2 cup dried shrimp 1 garlic …

In many ways, margaritas are the perfect summer cocktail. A little bit sweet, a little bit sour, and always ice cold, the refreshing cocktail is just made for high heat.

This extra-spicy summer deserves an equally spicy drink—albeit one that also refreshes. Courtesy of Michael MacIntyre of Vancouver’s El Camino’s, this Cacao Loco cocktail recipe embraces the heat with chili-infused rum and a dehydrated chili garnish, and it refreshes thanks to its tropical ingredients. Just remember to add extra ice to your shaker.

Temper Chocolate & Pastry’s owner, Steve Hodge, makes some of the sweetest treats in Vancouver, and soon anyone with a sweet tooth will be able to try his creations at home.

On July 19, celebrate National Daquiri Day properly with Bacardí Superior. Ideal for mixing, Bacardí Superior is a white rum that shines in simple, citrus-forward cocktails like the daquiri.

Not able to make it to Italy this summer? Fear not, Malfy Gin is bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to Canada thanks to its three citrus-infused gins: Rosa, Con Limone, and Con Arancia.

Bombay Sapphire has provided NUVO with its recipe for the Ultimate Tom Collins, a wonderfully zesty twist on the classic summer drink.

For many, Cinco de Mayo is a day marked by margaritas and tacos. But like the holiday itself, which marks Mexico’s victory over France at the 1862 Battle of Puebla, there is more to Mexican cuisine than cool drinks and carnitas. So why not expand your horizons this year with this recipe for ribeye aguachile from Francisco Higareda Urdapilleta, chef/co-owner …

With just a splash of the delicious new spirit, a medley of fruit juices, and some orgeat, this Royal Holiday cocktail will make you feel as regal as a stay at the Empress.

Chef Ashley Kurtz of Vancouver’s Restaurant Vignette gives classic French gougères a lift thanks to loads of mushrooms and even more cheese than usual. Piped full of two types of sauce and best served with a heaping amount of cheese, these fantastically balanced pastry balls are ideal little bites to start any meal. Think of them as cream puffs for adults.

While we’re still a few months out from white asparagus season, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the springtime delicacy now. Thanks to this recipe from Italian Kitchen’s chef Matteo Fontana, a cheeky white asparagus and shrimp bruschetta that’s easy to prepare at home, spring’s bounty comes early this year. This super simple appetizer is best enjoyed when you’re trying to forget about the snow outside.

The pomegranate margarita, featuring all the traditional ingredients alongside pomegranate juice and seeds, hits the marks marg drinkers look for while also exciting the palate with added tartness and textural complexity.

This shallot tarte tatin recipe comes from Martine Bauer, the chef behind Toronto’s Pompette. Caramelized shallots are paired with creamy and woodsy Adoray cheese for a decadent yet balanced appetizer that’s sure to impress and delight.

The annual Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival runs until February 14, and the region is currently awash in inventive versions of everyone’s favourite winter treat.

Justin Cheung’s recipe for yee sang, a simple Cantonese raw fish salad traditionally enjoyed throughout Malaysia and Singapore, promises prosperity and guarantees deliciousness. Just don’t spill when you toss it—you won’t want to miss a bite.

Ever wondered what gifts NUVO’s editors are hoping to find under the tree? Below, some of the NUVO team outline what they want, and why they want it.

This year, make things easy and give Crown Royal Vanilla a go in your holiday punch bowl. With its subtle vanilla flavour and typical Crown Royal quality, it’s the perfect way to make a minor tweak to your eggnog.

This recipe is for what Naramata Inn chef de cuisine Stacy Johnston calls “the perfect turkey.” And, isn’t that what we’ve been yearning for since turkey supplanted goose as the Christmas bird of choice?

Ideal for this time of year—pine mushrooms and persimmons are autumnal in both flavour and availability—now is the time to whip up this delicious dish.

Now is the last reprieve before the madness of December—and a perfect time for enjoying simple pleasures such as a classic whisky highball. The master distillers at Suntory have made creating a whisky highball even easier thanks to Toki, a whisky crafted with the highball in mind.

This week chef Hung Nguyen from Vancouver’s beloved neighbourhood joint B House Restaurant has provided a fantastic recipe for the French toast of your dreams. It’s a dish good enough to convert even the most pancake-biased friends and family.

This week, Glowbal Restaurant Group’s chef Alex Kim has delivered a fabulous frittata recipe that employs shrimp and scallions to add some flare to your family brunch.

By featuring primarily British Columbian ingredients, Clark’s recipe for Honey and Soy Glazed Cedar Planked Sablefish evokes the clean, clear waters and breathtaking fragrant forests of beautiful B.C.

This week NUVO is bringing you the most classic dish from Vancouver’s most consistent Italian joint: spaghetti and meatballs. However, by incorporating some of the finest meat there is, kobe-style beef, into the meatballs, this recipe goes above and beyond Mom’s spaghetti.

This week’s recipe for vegan chickpea farinata comes from Glowal Restaurant’s executive chef, Alex Kim. By incorporating Middle Eastern ingredients and techniques into the Italian delicacy’s accompaniments, this recipe adds levity to the traditional unleavened chickpea crepe.

This week’s recipe from chef Behshad Zolnasr of C|Prime is a reminder that sometimes the best things in life are best left untouched. The comforting combination of fluffy waffles and crispy chicken is equal parts savoury and sweet while also being 100 per cent soulful.

Alessa Valdez, chef at the Restaurant at Phantom Creek Estates, has invigorated the Okanagan food scene with her fine-dining-meets-wine-country-casual approach to cooking. This spring risotto, a home-cookery take on the standout dish from her recently debuted spring menu, is the perfect way to celebrate the Okanagan Valley’s post-winter awakening.