Just in Time for Summer: La Prairie’s New, Refreshing Facial Mist

The Swiss brand’s limited-edition product infused with caviar is the first of its kind.

La Prairie has introduced a new addition to its Skin Caviar line, sure to be the coveted beauty product of the summer: The Mist. Providing what feels like a much-needed cool breeze during hot weather, this spray of caviar extract and micronutrients prevents dehydrated skin by sealing in moisture. With a water base combined with oil droplets, the blend features floral extracts and oils for a smooth, glowing effect.

Since 1931, La Prairie has been creating luxurious skin-care products infused with Swiss caviar, using its signature cobalt blue colour inspired by the serene lakes in Switzerland for packaging. The recyclable glass bottle is available in a lightweight 50-millilitre size—ideal for tucking in tote bags and carry-ons.

The Mist can be the last step of a daily skin care regimen or sprayed on top of makeup for a dewy finish.