Recipe of the Week: Volpe Sbagliato

No mistakes here.

Banda Volpi, the group behind Savio Volpe, La Tana, Pepino’s, and Elio Volpe, has announced Banda Volpi Amaro, made in collaboration with Arbutus Distillery, as the newest addition to the drink selection at its Italian restaurants. To celebrate, bar director for the group Amar Gill has developed a new cocktail to spotlight the liqueur. Inspired by “a Milano classic from 1972,” the Volpe Sbagliato can be enjoyed as a pre-meal treat at all of the group’s restaurants.



½ ounce Banda Volpi Amaro

¼ ounce Aperol

1 bar spoon Campari


Rosemary sprig, to garnish

Dried lemon, to garnish



Put Banda Volpi Amaro, Aperol, and Campari in a highball glass.

Add ice.

Top with prosecco and give a quick stir.

Garnish with a large rosemary sprig and dehydrated lemon.