The Nail Polish Brand for Every Generation

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Essie gives a hand in creating beautiful nail art. </span>

Since 1981, Essie has been a global leader in nail polish known for trendy colour collections. Although applying nail polish is a small act, it’s part of generations of style choices and stories. Only a year after Essie’s launch, word spread that Queen Elizabeth II wore the shade Ballet Slippers exclusively. It quickly became the top-selling bottle in the U.K. and continues to be today. The Princess of Wales carries over the royal tradition of wearing one Essie shade, hers being Allure.

With nails in particular, “colour is evocative, it’s emotive,” says Rita Remark, Essie’s global lead educator. “When I think about colour telling a story, it’s how it makes me feel and how it tells the story for that moment.” While some will have a signature shade because they enjoy wearing it, Remark  hears stories of people selecting a particular colour, like Ballet Slippers, because their grandmother wore it and felt like royalty. “I think these kinds of stories leave room for connection between people,” she says.



Essie’s nail lines include its classic colours, gel couture, and Expressie, a vibrant line catering to Gen Z. This year, Essie introduces another means of self-expression through Nail Art Studio, a collection of 18 colours, that has different finishes such as jelly gloss or chrome designed for the at-home manicurist and nail art enthusiast.