HiNote x de Gournay: Digital Messaging Meets Creative Excellence

The messaging app HiNote collaborates with artistic house de Gournay.

HiNote de Gournay Bayville

Personalized notes and messages need not stop at snail mail, typical greeting cards, or a standardized text wrapped in blue or green bubbles with emojis. HiNote offers a creative and customizable alternative to basic digital communication, with an array of templates that automatically signify with names, initials, or a monogram at the end of notes.

Launched by author and vintner Alexis Traina last year, HiNote was an answer to a need for polished, simplistic communication that could also be expressive and creative. Traina encourages users to present their best digital selves, in just a few taps.

In a recent artistic collaboration with de Gournay—a family-owned company specializing in refined hand-painted wallpapers—de Gournay’s artists created bespoke masterpieces for personalized stationery, announcements, professional communication, invitations, and thank-you notes. With this limited-edition collection, users can apply their personalized notes to the de Gournay templates of historically inspired and exceptional artisanal work.


HiNote de Gournay lemon tree

HiNote de Gournay Schloss


HiNote de Gournay Erdem

HiNote de Gournay DecoFlowers


HiNote x de Gournay can be downloaded on the HiNote app for Android and iOS.