Recipe of the Week: Famous Grouse Orchard Cooler

Famous for a reason.

The Famous Grouse is the bestselling whisky in Scotland, and there are more ways to drink it than neat or with water. One such way is by making The Orchard Cooler, a cocktail developed by the team at Toronto’s Bar Pompette. The recipe uses the iconic whiskey alongside lemon and apple juice for a fresh drink ideal for spring. And if making this at home gets you in the mood to try some more Famous Grouse cocktails, Bar Pompette will be serving another Grouse creation, The Highland Harvest, until the end of May.





50 millilitres The Famous Grouse

5 millilitres lemon juice

Sparkling apple juice

Handful of mint leaves




Fill a highball glass with ice.

Pour in whisky and add the lemon juice.

Top with sparkling apple juice.

Garnish with a lemon twist and mint.