It’s not just the mere existence of plenty of female surfers in Tofino that’s exceptional, it’s that there is a palpable culture of empowered and empowering women encouraging each other to excel in the sport.

The online platform is a digital showroom, marketplace, and creative hub for contemporary fashion designers all in one.

Indulgent in all the right ways, the personification of the Miljours spirit is one that values quality over quantity.

With each EP release the LA-based self-taught musician puts out, she sidesteps a defining genre, switching up and maturing her sound as if each song were a lesson.

From authentic Chinese tea tasting to classic high tea experiences, we’ve rounded up ten of Vancouver’s best and most historic tea shops. 

It can often feel like our curls have a mind of their own: coils, flyaways, and frizz each have a unique temperament answerable only to the moon. Navigating the unpredictability of curly hair’s twists and turns requires a healthy dose of patience—and the right products.

The Middle East meets West in Loveclosely’s designs, which infuse contemporary styles—influenced by the likes of Drôle de Monsieur and Adidas—with motifs inspired by Middle Eastern art, poetry, and architecture.

As we’re faced with it, the muddled chaos of our loneliness is disarming at first. But there’s a magic to being comfortably alone. 

The chintz created by India from the 1600s was unparalleled to anything else at the time. Indian artisans had not only mastered an immense chemical knowledge in order to apply bright dyes onto cloth, but they also managed to monopolize a global trade of the textile.

NUVO Thoughts: If the advent of online dating apps, such as Tinder or Bumble, brought the collective of single smartphone users any excitement at the new expanses of romantic possibility, that sentiment seems to be ebbing. But that doesn’t mean they’ll be deleting these apps any time soon.

Fitness trends come and go with the seasons, and spinning—stationary indoor cycling—has steadily been gaining popularity amongst busy professionals, students, and fitness enthusiasts. It’s easy to see why: spinning classes are like gym session–rave hybrids.

In the misty mountains of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, these primates are slowly reclaiming their population—and sustainable tourism is helping.

Street photographer Scott Schuman’s latest book The Sartorialist: India contains over 300 pages showing a delicate and stylistic side of India. Not the India of National Geographic, but a younger, fashionable India. An India with music festivals, tattoos, and dyed hair.

Here, we’ve assembled five of our favourite art exhibitions held across Canada—classic and contemporary, beautiful and necessary—in 2019, and two exhibitions still on view into the new year.

For more than 90 years, the Porro family has worked closely with artisans and designers to create bespoke modular furniture that marries traditional Italian craftsmanship with innovative manufacturing processes—while staying true to the material itself: wood.

Listening to Rhye is an act of introspection. The airiness of frontman Michael Milosh’s vocals flows into the ambience of his beats and instrumentals, evoking an almost meditative experience.

Sarain Fox has one voice, but when she speaks, it reverberates with the voices of hundreds more. Such is the role of an activist: having a responsibility to speak for those who cannot be heard.

Refine your next playlist with this selection of recent album releases, curated by our editors. This summer, we’re listening to Solange, Billie Marten, Tanya Tagaq, and more.

For the past decade, the documentary filmmaker Baljit Sangra has focused on sharing stories from her community by navigating the subtle complexities that lie within the hyphen of Indo-Canadian.

The 2019/2020 Chan Centre Presents season kicks off in September and features nine musical performances spanning the streets of Havana to the northern reaches of Scandinavia.

Good design tells a story, and the people behind Minotti are storytellers who speak the language of artisanal designers. The brand’s 2019 collection is an ode to the art of handcrafted Italian furniture and the talent of global designers.

Following his first solo exhibition at Galerie Youn in Montreal last year, Bruno Leydet’s kitsch-inspired acrylic-on-canvas paintings have established the artist as one to watch in the contemporary art domain.

Fashion meets conservationism with the release of the Lacoste Save our Species collection in honour of International Day for Biological Diversity. The limited-edition series swaps the iconic crocodile for 10 endangered species.

A new book by American curator and writer Marvin Heiferman “reveals what lies beyond the parameters of sight, imagination, and human control.”