While Yanya’s music exudes the same disregard for genre that new music often does, there is a distinct sense of good old-fashioned rock in her songs. In a time of resurging nineties sensibility, her songs both pay homage to old-school grunge and mirror current nostalgia.

Dancing alone in your bedroom, you belt out lyrics dripping in angst, your body moving spontaneously to pop-punk guitar riffs. You feel the rage and euphoria and confusion of youth. You feel alive. This is how it feels to listen to the honest, energy-laden, and distinctly Gen Z songs of renforshort

At face value, the idea of continuously poking microscopic holes into your skin with sharp needle tips seems a little counterintuitive for skin care purposes. But this process, known as microneedling, has some undeniable benefits.

The first thing I noticed about Moab is the colours: how red the mountains look in the shade and how they burst into orange when the sun hits their face at the right angle.

The garments, made exclusively from reconstructed vintage material, both represent the ways the male gaze in art has contained women and, at the same time, defy that pattern of possession. “ ‘Downfall’ romanticizes a new era of art-making where women are each other’s muse, not captured by men, and corruption is their aim,” McCormack says.

Yet, for all its sonic flourishes and upbeat tempos, Clerel’s music is deceptively melancholy; a closer listen reveals his lyrical tendency toward nostalgia and heartbreak. It makes sense, though, when we remember that an urgent affinity for American soul music was the catalyst for his art to begin with.

The brand has added two more gender neutral scents to the collection: Valley of Flowers and Desertland. Both evoke a sense of place—a fragrant field of Bulgarian rose, peony petals, and amber for the former and an aromatic Texan desert of juniper berry and wildflowers for the latter.

“I think that being young is just being the closest to God. You don’t worry about anything, you’re happy for no reason, you’re fascinated by everything. That’s the purest form of human. My goal in life is to try and stay as close to that as I can. I think as you grow and as you go through the world, it’s impossible to fully retain it.”

Nature and luxury meet at 1 Hotel’s latest retreat and first Canadian address located in the heart of Toronto. The 112-room property boasts a biophilic design, with in-room houseplants and sustainably sourced wood furnishings courtesy of designer and architect David Rockwell.

Merging the worlds of ballet, performance art, and counterculture, the Kenyan-born Indian-Canadian artist places community at the heart of his work by questioning the status quo and finding hope through resilience.

For working millennials, there is a general distaste for unnecessary communication—meetings or phone calls that could have been emails instead—but for older generations, there is an element of human warmth to small talk.

The exhibition has over 100 pieces on display from 60 renowned international artists, including Warhol and Ruscha as well as Cindy Sherman, Nobuyoshi Araki, Guy Bourdin, Man Ray, and Wolfgang Tillmans.

For the beauty space specifically, opting for businesses owned and/or operated by BIPOC is one step toward shifting the social narrative to culture keepers. 

It’s not just the mere existence of plenty of female surfers in Tofino that’s exceptional, it’s that there is a palpable culture of empowered and empowering women encouraging each other to excel in the sport.

The online platform is a digital showroom, marketplace, and creative hub for contemporary fashion designers all in one.

Indulgent in all the right ways, the personification of the Miljours spirit is one that values quality over quantity.

With each EP release the LA-based self-taught musician puts out, she sidesteps a defining genre, switching up and maturing her sound as if each song were a lesson.

From authentic Chinese tea tasting to classic high tea experiences, we’ve rounded up ten of Vancouver’s best and most historic tea shops. 

It can often feel like our curls have a mind of their own: coils, flyaways, and frizz each have a unique temperament answerable only to the moon. Navigating the unpredictability of curly hair’s twists and turns requires a healthy dose of patience—and the right products.

The activist’s book provides tangible evidence of instances of racial oppression, tension, and violence in Canada, which are not one-off exceptions, but rather part of a complex system of laws and tactics rooted in imbalanced power structures.

For a visual perspective to enhance and amplify your music experience, here are 10 recommended new music video releases to watch and listen to.