Not Just a Label

Fashion goes digital.

Header image: Dzhus.


NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) lives up to its name: the online platform is a digital showroom, marketplace, and creative hub for contemporary fashion designers all in one. Breaking out from traditional supply chains in the fashion industry, NJAL has bridged over 40,000 emerging designers from 150 countries with buyers, stylists, celebrities, and consumers from across the globe. The company was formed in 2008 by South Tyrol–born Stefan Siegel, and flourished alongside the internet to leverage its accessibility at no cost to the designers.


Tereza Rosalie Kladosova.

Ricardo Andrez.


With a devotion to providing spaces for independent creatives from all corners of the world, NJAL’s expansive partnerships reach more than 200 fashion schools and organizations across five continents. Its mission is one of cultural celebration, craftsmanship, and slow fashion—an ensemble of values that place purpose and artistry above convention. NJAL provides spaces for avant-garde contemporary designers, like the Ukrainian womenswear brand DZHUS, whose fall/winter 2020 collection is an “irony about classic, stereotypical, and ‘must-have’ clothing.” Sitting between art and fashion, DZHUS’ conceptual and contemporary offerings herald a new generation of experimental fashion designers, supported by platforms like NJAL.





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