A Cold Brew Recipe From Dispatch Coffee


Ice coffee: summertime’s magic elixir.


Hot weather calls for cold coffee. While running to our favourite coffee shops is a ritual in itself, the art of a proper homemade coffee deserves exploration. Here, Dispatch breaks down the steps for the perfect cold brew, concentrated or on-the-go.


Concentrated Cold Brew (for multiple pours)


Dispatch whole coffee beans


Grind 20 tablespoons of coffee to the consistency of breadcrumbs.

Place ground coffee in a 1-litre Mason jar or pitcher.

Introduce cold water and stir to coat all of the grinds evenly.

Cover to prevent fridge aromas from being absorbed into the coffee. Let it infuse for 16 hours.

After 16 hours, line a sieve with a paper filter and rinse the paper filter with some water.

Pour the cold infused coffee through the paper filter into another resealable receptacle. Do your best to filter out the grinds when you’re done. You now have a cold brew concentrate.

To serve, use one portion of concentrate to one portion of water, milk, or milk alternative. Serve in a cup with ice.


A flash brew can be made at home with an Aeropress.


Flash Brew (for on the go)


20 grams Dispatch coffee, ground coarse

200 ml of brewing water

120 grams ice


Weigh and grind your coffee portion. Place in the receptacle of your brew method. Brew methods include using a Chemex, Aeropress, or Auto Drip.
Bring 200 ml of water to a boil to start brew process or start auto drip machine with 200 ml of water in water receptacle.

Fill a carafe or receptacle with 120 grams of ice.

Pour your coffee concentrate over the ice.

Swirl and serve immediately.

Add more ice cubes as needed to dilute or cool to your desired taste.


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