An Athleisure Line Inspired by Vancouver’s Mountains

Friends With Animals.

Fashion has a tendency to go in circles; styles return to us with renewed appreciation every few decades or so. The first full-look collection from Los Angeles–based outdoor athleisure line Friends with Animals turns a creative eye to the styles of the ’90s—flashy graphics, bucket hats, logoed crewnecks—and infuses them with inspiration from Vancouver’s mountains and coastline.


Friends with Animals


Founder Tavia Bonetti turned to the natural terrain and childhood memories of her hometown to guide the brand’s latest collection, which is split into Camp—influenced by the nature and nostalgia of summer camp—and Fiore—with urban and floral designs. Comfortable and yet effortlessly stylish, the collection transforms the carefree spirit of youth into wearable pieces.


Friends with Animals


Having pursued a successful career in modelling in cities around the world, Bonetti was able to translate her time spent in the industry and her passion for textiles into a clothing line. Friends with Animals, as she explains, is not only a reflection of herself, but also an expression of a love for the outdoors, animals, and street-style fashion.


Friends with Animals


Photos by Jill Schweber.