With its blistering top speed of 56 knots, Centouno Navi’s Vespro opened more than a few eyes at Cannes with its power and sleek exterior.

With its avant-garde looks, astonishing interior, and impressive performance it is no wonder the Wallywhy150 made such a splash in Cannes.

Sunseeker’s brilliant 100 Yacht scores top marks with a truly innovative design and eye-popping amenities.

Stepping aboard, passengers feel at home in Clarity, which protects from the midday heat while delivering eye-popping views.

With apologies to the AC/DC lads, Maritimo’s delightful new M75 gets the nod as this year’s top Thunder From Down Under. More than two decades in the making, the Aussie builder’s new flagship takes everything that was wonderful about the company’s original flybridge motor yacht and makes it that much better.

It’s no easy task getting 40 or 50 tons of boat to soar like a racer and slalom like an Olympic champ. Yet that’s exactly what fabled British yacht builder Sunseeker has achieved with its remarkable new 75 Sport Yacht, a spacious, luxurious, and elegant delight that offers an exceedingly comfortable ride and can reach top speeds of 40 knots.

Its name may be a mouthful—officially, SpiritBARTech35EF, styled without spaces—but the result of Spirit Yachts’ new partnership with BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) Technologies and its America’s Cup design expertise is already raising eyebrows with what the two firms claim is the world’s fully electric luxury yacht capable of delivering a range of 100 nautical miles.

Who says eco-friendly boats have to look bulbous and bland? The newly launched motor yacht Kinda flaunts a sporty profile and unrivalled onboard luxury.

Built by Canadian Vickers for the navy in 1943, the ship that went on to become Aristotle Onassis’s fabled motor yacht Christina O has welcomed more than its share of famous faces aboard and even hosted a royal wedding.

It’s young. It’s playful. It’s sophisticated. It’s more than a little avant-garde. The Rebel 55 by Italian boat builder Sacs Marine is a joyous weekender that’s more than capable of holding its own when moored among the luxury yachts.

An all-new boat from the keel up, the Superhawk 55 combines the best of both worlds by blending the spirited performance of the original models with modern engineering and far more refined interior accommodations.

Sometimes the best path forward is to focus on one’s original bearing. That’s the case for Eastbay Yachts, as the company’s all-new EB60 embodies its distinguished heritage.

If there’s one thing Singapore-based Grand Banks Yachts knows how to do, it’s turn heads. The company has been doing exactly that since launching its first yacht—the elegant, 12-metre diesel-powered Spray—in 1963, and it continues to turn heads today on the strength of eye-popping designs like its brilliant GB85.

Sailing gets into a person’s blood–it’s a passion, a calling, a lust for adventure on the open sea. Free from the limitations of a finite fuel tank, sailing delivers a euphoric level of freedom. How appropriate then, that Sirena Marine continues to enchant sailors all over the world with its Euphoria 68.

The wallypower58 brings to mind the expression “everything old is new again.” The latest addition to the storied Italian yacht builder’s fleet, the new 58 leverages every modern technology available in a forward-looking design that’s rooted in the past.

About 87 feet long, the G25 Metri is the smallest yacht in the Italian builder’s Grande series–a line of prestige vessels originally envisioned as starting at 100 feet and going up from there. But the trim G25 is indeed Grande in every sense.

Located in St. Catherines on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Neptunus Yachts has been quietly creating magnificent cruising yachts for more than 30 years. It has launched more than 180 to date, including a growing number of CE Category A ocean-certified vessels, including the acclaimed Neptunus 650F.

Built to travel the most remote parts of the ocean while tackling rough seas with aplomb, explorer–or expedition–yachts typically exchange some level of luxury for greater fuel and storage capacity, and a superseaworthy, possibly ice-strengthened hull design. Rosetti’s new 38m Explorer delivers worldwide range without skimping on luxury.

If we were to assign animal-like qualities to yachts, then the 9X from Pershing is the big cat of the seas. Large, powerful, fast, stealthy, the 9X is one of those rare beasts you can’t help but admire in every possible way—the ultimate balance of muscle and grace.

Back this year as a single combined event at six separate locations, the new Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show attracted more than 100,000 visitors over its five-day run, presenting hundreds of new and brokerage vessels of up to 60 metres in length.

A walk-through of the new Invictus TT460 can’t fail to elicit a boatload of smiles from the most discerning buyer. Elegant, sporty, and capable, this new yacht impresses with its design, build quality, and engineering.

While it is fun to dream of living the life of a Bond villain aboard one’s custom-built megayacht, reality is a bit different for most of us. Our attainable dreams rest with smaller, serial-build production yachts, but that doesn’t mean giving up luxury, as evidenced by Sunseeker’s magnificent 90 Ocean.

Built by the storied Turkish, shipyard Yildiz Gemi with exterior design by Ginton Naval Architects and Liman, Fifty-Five was created to host an owner, their family, and guests in lavish comfort and style. The three-deck yacht includes six beautifully appointed staterooms to accommodate a dozen passengers.

Described as the shipyard’s first 100 per cent wide-body vessel and stretching almost 100 feet in overall length, the Ferretti 1000 is the fruit of a new design partnership between Ferretti Group (led by engineer Piero Ferrari), naval architect Filippo Salvetti, and Ideaeitalia, who created the inviting interior design. The result is an exciting new flagship for the Italian marque.

With all due respect to the incomparable David Suchet, the real star of the 1989 TV adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic short story “Problem at Sea” is not the famed Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, but the majestic motor yacht Madiz, aboard which most of the episode was filmed.

The Oasis 40 appeals because it’s just right in so many different ways. It’s large enough to impress up to 10 guests, yet not such a leviathan that it can’t get into those smaller, more interesting ports of call.

With their spider-like arms extending from the sides of the boats and down into the water, these cutting-edge hydrofoils allow racers to lift the vessel above the water’s surface and literally fly over the waves.

While a few Hollywood A-listers actually do own their own yachts—Nicole Kidman and Steven Spielberg come to mind—many others simply charter a boat for a few weeks of vacation each year.