Technohull Wants to Expand Your Horizons With its New Flagship

The alpha dog of yachts.

When most of us think of inflatable boats, we think of little rubber dinghies used to get to shore when the big boat is at anchor—the bouncy little tender that leads the way to quayside shopping and ice cream. Those among us with a bit more grey on our heads may even think back to our childhood, watching legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau on TV as he lurched around in his Zodiacs.

Few of us would think of anything even remotely like the Technohull Alpha 50.


Technohull boat


Part of that reflects our geography. While rigid hull inflatable boats—or RIBs, for short—have long been the standard in Europe, they remain relatively unknown in North America. And that’s too bad, because as a look at Technohull’s newest flagship reveals, we’re clearly missing out on some good stuff here.

The Alpha 50 introduces what Technohull calls a groundbreaking design concept that delivers even more opulent luxury for guests onboard while remaining true to the marque’s high-performance DNA. Think cutting-edge aesthetics for a unique visual and tactile experience on the water, highlighting an emphasis on the yacht’s ample exterior space and expansive lounging areas. The overall look is clean, aerodynamic, and sleek, with streamlined surfaces in keeping with its sharp and aggressive silhouette.


technohull boat




The look is also in keeping with its stunning get-up-and-go. Technohull’s Alpha 50 sports a performance stepped hull with a semistraight, wave-piercing bow that’s optimized for outstanding performance. That means a smooth ride, great seakeeping, and high speeds with less fuel consumption, which everyone can appreciate. Rigged with quad Mercury 500 horsepower outboards, the Alpha can top 150 kilometres per hour at full throttle. Add another outboard, and you can nudge that top speed even higher, just in case it wasn’t fast enough to begin with. Engine options range from two to five outboards or twin inboard diesels, all set up to make the most of the brand’s high-performance legacy.

And therein lies the magic of Technohull’s brilliant RIB design. Coming in at a fraction of the weight of a comparable fibreglass or aluminum hull, it delivers a lusty power-to-weight ratio no other vessel can even hope to match.



So clearly, the Alpha 50 is top dog when it comes to pure adrenaline while underway. But it also rules the roost in terms of luxurious onboard comfort. The aft deck features a brilliant island sunbed arrangement—a first for Technohull—which serves as the foundation for a variety of user-selectable deck layouts to best suit the owner’s specific desires. In all cases, wide passageways connect the aft deck with the spacious bow area, with its expansive sunbed and console seat, creating the ideal spot for day-long relaxation.




A side console entrance with a pantographic door reveals a luxurious and comfortable inner cabin, complete with an oversized double bed, ample storage space, and a separate head with a shower.

Everywhere, eyebrows arch with Technohull’s exquisite attention to detail. Upholstery work is brilliant, and decor touches soothe the soul, even as the boat’s sporty aesthetic invites a sense of play. It’s all at once exhilarating and welcoming, racy but comfy, daring yet chic.





My oh my, have we been missing out.

With 14 vessels sold since its grand unveiling in October, Technohull’s new Alpha 50 is already rewriting the book on sport yacht popularity. Spend a day aboard and you’ll soon agree – this new top dog has more than a few tricks up its sleeve, and they’re all utterly magnificent.