Brazilian Yacht Builder NX Boats Presents NX 44

Complete with design influences from the Turin-based design house Pininfarina.

NX 44 cockpit

Starting with a spicy Brazilian foundation, then polishing the finish with refined Italian flare sounds like the makings of a world-class dining experience, but the result is even more exciting when we’re talking about yachts.

That’s especially true when starting with a stunning, high-performance platform like the NX 44 from Brazilian yacht builder NX Boats and completing the vessel with finishing touches from the iconic Italian design powerhouse Pininfarina. The result, the NX 44 Pininfarina, sets a new benchmark for enjoying the summer sun in unrivalled style.


NX 44 aerial view


NX 44 Bow sunpad


Freshly unveiled at the recent São Paulo Boat Show, this visionary vessel is said to “redefine the on-water experience” by connecting the interior and exterior spaces in entirely new ways. The result, the company says, is an environment where those lucky enough to find themselves aboard can immerse themselves in their maritime surroundings at all times. It sounds like marketing fluff, but look closer, and there really is something unique going on here. Meticulously designed to enhance the perception of quality and spaciousness, the NX 44 Pininfarina stands as a legitimate masterpiece of design and functionality.

There’s a lot more boat than the NX 44 Pininfarina’s compact dimensions initially suggest. It’s more than a day boat, with cruiser comforts plus the capability to explore distant shores . Part of the yacht’s ability to come off bigger than it is lies in its sporty yet mature design, with expansive windows, dynamic flowing lines, and a spacious cockpit, which all contribute to the sense of being aboard a larger yacht. There’s no shortage of space onboard, which is partly the result of some crafty engineering on the part of NX Boats in keeping the full beam to a point well ahead of the windshield.


NX 44 bow suite



NX 44 mid-cabin suite

Those large windows and dynamic lines add to the boat’s stunning aesthetic, while its large aft cockpit, fully protected from the sun by an electric awning, and flowing stern swim platform further exaggerate the sense of motion while providing ample space for entertaining. Of course, there’s a full gourmet outdoor kitchen complete with a barbecue and sink, perfect for a private picnic in a secluded cove. And thanks to its powered sunshade, there’s plenty of latitude to stretch that late lunch into dinner and evening drinks.

If you’d rather toast in the sun than avoid it, the NX 44 Pininfarina offers an enormous lounge space in the bow for sunning in comfort. This might be the most civilized spot onboard to wake gently with morning coffee while soaking in panoramic views of your surroundings.


Boat lounge


Boat cockpit


The main deck pilothouse features huge unbroken windows along the port and starboard sides, a massive one-piece windshield, and a substantial overhead sunroof that can be opened wide to flood the space with fresh air and natural light.

When it’s time to unwind at the end of the day, the NX 44 Pininfarina continues to impress with its expansive interior spaces below. Here again the wide beam affords more space than expected, while the sporty privacy glass conceals carefully added height for extra headspace. There’s a central lounge area shared by two large and sumptuous staterooms, each equipped with its own fully private washroom and shower. Interior fittings and decor treatments reflect Pininfarina’s elegant touch. Instead of highly varnished wood, you’ll find contemporary Italian chic in abundance, with soft natural tones offset here and there with saucy red stitchwork, richly textured fabrics, and a spotlessly clean, uncluttered overall presentation.


yacht front


Talk about a match made in heaven: the NX 44 Pininfarina brilliantly blends the very best of Brazilian passion and Italian elegance to create an extraordinary day yacht and compact cruiser in a single, delightful package. It’s little wonder this yacht drew such rave reviews in São Paulo. See it yourself this winter at yacht shows around the world.