New York–based designer and architect Rafael de Cárdenas designs outside the lines. His multidisciplinary practice Architecture at Large has a portfolio of bold and eye-popping projects.

In this five-storey Georgian house in Bloomsbury, London, architect Gianni Botsford has created a visual tension between abundant and minimal lighting.

The poetic first furniture collection by Montreal design studio Claste floats the weight and solidity of onyx in transparent and fragile glass.

At Empreintes, visitors can find more than 1,000 unique or limited-edition contemporary objects at any given time.

A restaurant and lifestyle concept store offers one-of-a-kind luxury in industrial Istanbul.

Interior designer Celerie Kemble doesn’t need to call a colour by its name to name it. Her descriptions of hue are, instead, evocations of an emotional fragment.

Husband and wife Nick and Rachel Cope create wallpapers that synthesize antique handmade techniques with digital technology, tap esoteric inspirations, and feature irregular patterns and colours.

Built by AGi Architects, the Wall House on the edge of Kuwait City masks a concealed world where its inhabitants live free from prying eyes.

Applying industrial materials precisely with minimal detailing, the Jonathan Tuckey design team created what they call “a noble shed”.