Joey Roth’s Sorapot

Something’s brewing.

NUVO Magazine: Of Note, Sorapot

A San Francisco native who grew up in New Jersey, Joey Roth is also a long-distance skateboarder, barbecue enthusiast, and industrial designer who has created items ranging from ceramic speakers to self-watering planters. Last summer, Roth launched version 2.0 of his stainless steel and glass teapot, the Sorapot, after more than four years in the works. The Danish mid-century modern Sorapot brews loose-leaf teas, displaying them in a glass chamber as they steep and blossom, while heating the handle slightly, for a comforting tea ritual. “I’ve been using the version 2.0 prototype to brew tea every day since I finished it,” Roth says. “I usually start the day with a green oolong or pu-erh.”