RUX Design’s Stickbulb Lighting Collection

Salvaged light.

NUVO Magazine: RUX Design's Stickbulb Lighting Collection

This May, creative director Russell Greenberg and his design firm, RUX Design, launched the Stickbulb lighting collection, which looks much as its name would suggest. Made from sustainably sourced or salvaged woods, all of the lights are crafted at RUX’s studio in Long Island City, New York. The collection starts from a single modular unit that runs the scale from a table torch to a large, multipart chandelier. Custom-made from post–Hurricane Sandy Coney Island boardwalk wood, the Chime chandelier consists of rods hung from ball bearings that can rotate 360 degrees. “The appeal of the design is its bare-bones honesty,” says Greenberg. “Light and wood combined in a simple stick.”

Photo by Mike Garten.