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Post Design

Attraverso by Giacomo Moor.

Founded in 1997 by Memphis Group movers and shakers, including Ettore Sottsass and Alberto Bianchi Albrici, Milan’s Galleria Post Design even today never fails to provide counterpoint to the dull dogmas of the design industry. During the Milan Furniture Fair this April, Post Design presented Attraverso, a series of concrete-and-wood drawers, cabinets, and a mobile bar. “The work centres on the transformation of these enormous beams into treasure chests,” explains the local designer, Giacomo Moor. The knots and blemishes of the oak salvaged from a farm testify to the passage of time, which is the point: Moor wrote his thesis at the Polytechnic University of Milan about “cabinet making between sculpture and design,” which was published in Abitare magazine in 2009. Its title, Valuable Defects, would augur things to come.