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BDDW Turntables

Turn style.

NUVO magazine: BDDW Turntables

In painter, sculptor, and audiophile Tyler Hays’s handcrafted BDDW design shops in New York and Milan, visitors may find wool tapestries made from yarn as thick as a wrist, and paper-thin ceramics beside vintage industrial wall-lamps. Out of his Philadelphia workshop, Hays also builds sculptural, one-off turntables, speakers, and tube amps, labelled Phila Audio Corp, into anything from shelving to coffee tables in marble, wood, even a lead-filled machinist’s plate. “It’s such a loaded, powerful thing to reproduce music as a design object,” Hays says. “It’s like the toilet and the bed, objects that are so widely used and personal. I’ve never shared a powerful or intimate experience with a chair. But toilets, beds, and record players can tell stories.”