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Creature Comforts

The Haas Brothers' "Beast" collection.

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At 29, Los Angeles–based Nikolai and Simon Haas (fraternal twins) have made their shared name by doing custom creative construction, designing and making coffee tables, vases, and the like; their work has been tapped by celebrity creatives from Nicola Formichetti to Peter Marino. This spring, New York gallery R & Company featured their creature-like “Beast” daybeds, chairs, and stools, with crudely formed cast-bronze legs thatched with Icelandic sheepskin. By presenting “Beast” beside the work of studio furniture movement icon Wendell Castle, the gallery is introducing the brothers as the van of a new generation of studio design-artists. “Their practice is limitless,” says R & Company co-founder Zesty Meyers.


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May 25, 2014


June 19, 2014