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Bec Brittain Lighting

A love of lighting.

Bec Brittain’s lighting combines two qualities emblematic of the designer: tomboyishness and a glowing beauty. She once abandoned product design to study philosophy and later architecture (at London’s Architectural Association) before joining Lindsey Adelman Studio as design director. In her spare time, she Frankensteined gem-like embalmed insects together to create fantastical “monsters” and channelled shibari into jewellery that trusses the torso.

In 2011, Brittain opened her own studio in Brooklyn, and began engineering and hand assembling sexy constellations. The mirrored glass Maxhedron is a luminous bijou, while the Echo, SHY, and Helix lights feel balletically technical. All are nodes where the poetic and the anatomical, the sublime and the mineral meet with perfect clarity.

Photos by Lauren Coleman. 


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