From coast to coast and everywhere in between, aquavit’s popularity has grown over the past few years—and as with the recent gin boom, there is surprising diversity in the Canadian aquavit landscape, depending on where the distillery is located.

There is a real need and desire for high-end vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Calgary. Now that chef Adam Ryan’s Fire & Flora has opened with aplomb, all those Torontonians and Vancouverites talking about making the big move to the Prairies might finally up and go, even if they’re unsure they’ll be able to handle the hardship of doubling their space at half the price.

After unveiling a whole new look for its three standard cognacs in early 2022, the iconic brand is back at it with the release of its new XO Royal, an ultrapremium cognac that honours Courvoisier’s long association with Europe’s royal courts.

As painful as it is to hear, autumn is just around the corner. Once again, stores are flush with fallen-leaf-embossed welcome mats and pumpkin spice everything, and there’s nothing that can halt the coming storm. Here, NUVO has rounded up six clothing items for gliding chicly from summer into fall.

Fantastic, jaw-dropping, delicious, sublime: whatever superlative you choose, it can be used to describe Mission Hill Family Estate & Winery. The crown jewel in proprietor Anthony von Mandl’s winery portfolio, Mission Hill remains a stunning experience after 41 years of operation. From its hilltop perch to its region-defining wines, not a single detail has been overlooked by von Mandl and Co.

Taking over the former Hachiro Ramen space in an unassuming stretch of small-businesses wedged between two apartment buildings, 16 West is the epitome of blink-and-you-miss-it. However, in irony number two, the food and wine there is not to be missed.

Now that you can finally celebrate within six feet of another living, breathing person, it’s high time to celebrate the rise of canned wine convenience—along with Canada’s 155th birthday. NUVO has rounded up seven of the best canned wines made in the country today.

Despite our increasingly short attention spans and throwaway culture, it seems at least pop-ups are being designed to last. Call it retail therapy.

For plastic surgeon Dr. Bimpe Ayeni, the impetus to start her men’s skin-care line, Blair + Jack, came from seeing her husband struggle with painful skin irritation after shaving.

The yin-yang relationship between the objects’ precision-cut aluminum and playful, vibrant anodized colours reflects their makers’ fusion of styles—which culminates in furniture beautiful enough to keep for a hundred years, at least.

In a world of streamlined minimalism, it’s not often a boutique home decor store champions the tradition of eclecticism. Madrid’s Rue Vintage 74 has broken that mould, filling its showroom with African, Asian, and European home furnishings, diverse in all aspects except their quality.

The city’s coffee culture has undergone an exciting transformation, due in part to the pandemic, but also in response to trends developing countrywide. Developments in the city’s coffee culture—such as the emergence of hybrid café/corner store concepts—also show just how forward-thinking some of Vancouver’s stalwart coffee shops were. Here are the five best places to stay caffeinated on the coast in 2022.

Ciarán “Rowdy” Rooney, the head distiller at Wicklow, Ireland’s, Glendalough Distillery, didn’t want to make “just another pink gin.” Although he doesn’t speak favourably of what he calls “confected” pink gins, the main motive behind Rooney’s desire to produce a rose gin of distinction is a more personal one.

The drive through Banff National Park is sublime regardless of the car. However, when given the opportunity to drive it in Rolls-Royce’s new Black Badge Ghost, one of the world’s finest cars, the experience becomes even more sublime.

For this edition of the Menswear Guide, NUVO looks to our spiritual home’s neighbour to the northwest, offering up seven of the best pieces of French menswear to have in your wardrobe this summer, regardless of the fact that you’re sunning on the shores of Lake Ontario rather than the French Riviera.

Apart from a standard corkscrew and a basic stemmed glass, wine accessories are luxuriant but totally unnecessary. Here are five of the most fun—and totally unnecessary—accessories available to today’s hedonist.

Bar Susu, the new pop-up wine bar/restaurant venture from the team at Published, which has set up shop in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, displays remarkable culinary cohesion, even when it doesn’t quite have a defined cuisine or style.

Inspired by two bathing traditions—the Japanese onsen and the Scandinavian sauna—Craig Pearce added a contemporary designer’s flair to an age-old tradition. The wood-burning hot tubs are crafted in Canada, made from Western red cedar and marine-grade aluminum, a material that is one of the most recyclable around.

Occupying the old Pink Tartan storefront, built in 1867, Isaia has found a fittingly idiosyncratic space in the fashionable Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood. A contemporary addition to the building’s rear heightens the square footage, and in the lounge on the lower level one can enjoy a drink while master tailors tend to their suit’s every need.

What then are the attributes that define the island wine style and why are they perfect for drinking right now? That would be the soils and the winds.

The stories, though not all specifically about love, delineate the intimacies that led Puri and Rook to one another, how brief moments and long, dark nights of the soul can bring people together much as wine can.

It may only be February but brighter days are well on their way in NUVO’s neck of the woods. The rain is starting to feel more nurturing than numbing, the lighting more halcyon than halogen, and the clothing more sultry than somber. Here are seven essential menswear items for this shoulder season.

There has never been a better time to be a sober, or sober-curious, drinker in Canada. Companies all over the country have set out to improve upon the dire options previously available, crafting spirits, wines, beers, and mixed drinks that rival alcoholic options.

Calgary’s newest hotspot, D.O.P, in the former home of Bar Von Der Fels, seems to have respected the codes and customs of its namesake authority. The traditional fare of its downtown 1 Street SW address is distinguishable by its adherence to the exhilarating admixture of rusticity and gastronomic boldness.