A Canadian Comedy Legend’s Powerful New Whisky

Signal Hill Founders Select Overproof rocks as hard as The Rock.

Signal Hill Overproof Holiday Whisky

Since conquering the world of comedy with his performances on Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters, and The Blues Brothers, Dan Aykroyd has been busy with his other passion: wine and spirits. With his Crystal Head vodka brand in particular, Aykroyd has found a success nearly as massive as his on-screen stardom. In 2017, he expanded his liquor portfolio with the Signal Hill whisky brand, a venture that, like Crystal Head with its idiosyncratic skull-shaped bottle, is set apart from competitors.

Signal Hill is inspired by the National Historic Site near where the whisky is made in Newfoundland. One of the first whiskies produced on The Rock, Signal Hill is also notable for being distilled from corn and barley only, avoiding completely the rye Canadian whisky is known for. Its flagship whisky, non-chill filtered and clocking in at 40 per cent alcohol by volume, is marked by its distinct brown sugar and cinnamon sweetness as well as its rich colour imparted by new white oak and first-run bourbon casks.

Signal Hill’s new Founders Select Overproof Whisky is the same sweet and smooth Newfoundland whisky kicked up a notch. Clocking in at 56.3 per cent alcohol by volume, this limited new bottle improves on Signal Hill’s tried-and-true formula by balancing the sweetness with added heat from the increased ABV. On the nose, baking spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger predominate and lead into a palate marked by toffee, brown sugar, and vanilla before finishing with a kick of mint and salinity.

Unlike Aykroyd’s entertainment career, this rocking whisky from The Rock is no joke.