Meet Margin, the All-Canadian Skin Care For Men

Meet Margin.

With its only two skin-care products finding fans in Canadian facial bar darlings such as Formula Fig as well as upscale menswear boutiques across North America, Toronto men’s skin-care brand Margin is proving that when it comes to taking care of your skin, sometimes less is more. Made with exfoliating fruit enzymes and acids, as well as hydrating ingredients such as niacinamide, vitamin E, and glycerin, Margin’s gentle gel-based cleanser leaves skin feeling clean but never dry. The Active Moisturizer combines hydrating factors, antioxidants, and acids in one lightweight solution, making attaining clear, radiant skin easier than brushing your teeth.



When used in combination, Margin’s two-item lineup is garnering as much acclaim for its efficacy as it is for its iconoclastic approach to gendered skin-care-industry norms. Targeting men but using ingredients intended to nourish the dermis of both sexes, Margin is dead set on simplifying everyone’s skin-care regime—and is doing so in style. The first edition of the packaging for Margin’s cleanser features a collage by Brain Dead clothing co-founder Ed Davis, while its moisturizer is emblazoned with a piece by photographer Pat O’Rourke. This all-Canadian skin-care brand is nearly as easy on the eyes as consumers are after using it.




Photography by Michael Kazimierczuk.