A Gift Guide for the Athlete

1. Athletic Brewing – The Athletic Club Subscription



Athletes know more than most the negative effect alcohol can have on performance. Between the empty calories and unsettled sleep, a couple of cans of beer can become more trouble than they’re worth. Athletic Brewing Company, the nonalcoholic beer brand that has taken the beer world by storm since launching in 2017, has crafted a line of beers tailor-made for the thirsty athlete—its club subscription is a great way to keep them happy throughout the year.


2. Lontreau Travel Size Core 4 Kit


Lontreau travel pack athlete


Lontreau founder Angie Buonassisi has first-hand experience of how regular exercise can affect the skin. As an endurance athlete, she found that traditional skin-care products often caused irritation or photosensitivity. Lontreau, Buonassisi’s new skin-care line formulated specifically for athletes, was her solution. The travel-sized kit offers the brand’s four essential morning and nighttime products—a game changer for people who want balanced skin while staying in the game.


3. Montblanc Great Characters Muhammad Ali Limited Edition 1942 Fountain Pen



One of the world’s finest pen makers celebrates one of its greatest athletes with this limited-edition Muhammad Ali fountain pen from Montblanc. Inspired by some of Ali’s many accomplishments in the boxing ring, including his victory at the legendary Rumble in the Jungle, this stunning gold-coated fountain pen combines elegance and power in a way that only a pen honouring “The Greatest” could.



4. Norda 001 G+


Norda running shoe


Norda Black athlete


Between its main line and collaborations with perpetually hip sportswear brands like Ciele Athletics and high-fashion houses like Zegna, Quebec-based Norda has taken the fashion world by storm with its smart-looking but incredibly functional sneakers. This slick, black, city-ready pair is lined with a G+ graphene membrane that is waterproof up to 10,000 millimetres, making the transition from the streets to the snow, or to the streets in the snow, a smooth one.

5. Reigning Champ Spalding Basketball


athlete basketball reigning champ


Vancouver’s Reigning Champ has long been one of the most fashionable sportswear brands in the world, its Canadian-made knitwear garnering a cult-like fandom at home and in other fashionable locales. Bringing its design expertise to the wider world of sports, Reigning Champ’s new take on the classic Spalding basketball will have any hoop fan jumping with a joy high enough to dunk.


6. Shed Chetwyn Farms “Stand-in-the-Snow” Alpaca Gift Set


athlete socks shed farms


When it comes to keeping warm during cold-weather pursuits, alpaca wool is king. Warmer, softer, and more environmentally friendly than sheep’s wool, it’s ideal for Canada’s winter warriors. Prince Edward County’s Shed Chetwyn Farms is one of the few to farm and produce alpaca wool socks, mittens, scarves, and toques in a country that knows winter well. This “Stand-in-the-Snow” gift set has all the essentials for the person in your life who likes to get outside, frigid temperatures be damned.