The Australian denim line stands out for its unique business model: employing victims of human trafficking in Cambodia.

A free exhibition open to the public offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the artistry of Italian fashion.

As satisfying as the classic grocery store ice cream sandwich can be, there’s something to be said about the decadent takes on this childhood favourite that can currently be found in Toronto.

The fact that Manolo Blahniks have been endlessly worn by everyone from Anna Wintour and Rihanna to—fictional Sex and the City character—Carrie Bradshaw illustrates the iconic footwear designer’s universal appeal and singular talent.

There’s something wildly ambitious, and admirable, about launching and operating an independent lifestyle boutique in the age of Amazon.

Charming earrings that are sure to spark a connection wherever you might wear them.

What makes this young label stand out is Coimbra’s commitment to designing androgynous clothes that are fashion-forward and eye-catching, but still eminently wearable for every day.

Paris-based, Toronto-raised designer Calla Haynes repurposes luxe fabrics as material for making Moroccan Boucharouite rugs.